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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Madd Mail!!!

I was lucky enough to snag 2 of the PIF grab bags that were on sale at Madd Style last week!
I got my order today!!
I am in LOVE with the colors I received!!!
Shipping was very fast as usual and the packaging was perfect!
Sifter seals on the pots, everything bagged and secure!
Here is what I got for myself 
( one bag was for a friend and some of it was for an upcoming giveaway)

Lip Balm in Flapjack flavor.
I tried this and it has great texture. Glides on smooth and isn't too greasy or waxy. 
I am not a huge maple fan though but I planned on giving this to my husband anyway.

Sample of Lip Scrub.
I tried this today and it tasted good =0x
It is a sugar scrub and the crystals are fairly big and do their job at scrubbing. 
It did feel a bit harsh to me but maybe I was too rough .
My lips are definitely more smooth!!!

Brad is my new favorite. I am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with this color!! 
It has made me realize that I need more Easter egg pastel colors!!

I swatched for you!!

Lust For A Life is a nifty color!! It looks pretty drab in the pot but you apply it and it becomes something awesome!! A purple/gray/brown/who the hell knows color!!

Dazzle Dust........is something I have never seen. I thought it was just white pigment with some glitz. Well it isn't. It reminds me of flaky snow or something. It has different size particles and is really cool. I will have to experiment with it soon!

I really love all these colors and I look forward to using them!
If you missed my initial review of Madd Style you can check it out here.
Join the fan page to be alerted of sales and share your Madd looks!

Overall I once again am impressed with the quality and shipping time/
I know because I checked, that Mo sold  50 or more grab bags in addition to having a huge Valentine sale.
Her quality did not suffer AT ALL and her turn around remained the same.
That ROCKS!!

Prepare for photo bomb in 5,4,3,2,1!!!!!!!!!

 I had to take a ton of pics to try and show the true color of this look.
 I used Brad on the tear duct area and below the brow bone.
 Space Oddity on the outer edges blended into the crease
 Ol' 55 on the lid
 Mascara is Loreal Double Extend.
Lower liner is Space Oddity and Brad

Keep your eyes peeled for a chance to win this!!!


  1. Ooooo. You got some awesome colours there! I agree, Brad is fantastic! Your swatch of Dr. Finkelstein makes me really sad that I didn't pick up a NBC collection when it was still around!

  2. yayyy! I got my first madd mail today! I got some gorgeous colors, including Brad! I can't wait to play around!!! Mo, you ROCK!!! I hadda wear Mary Kay today cause I had a meeting, so I couldn't play around, but tomorrow I'm all about the MSC! I got brad, pixie, electric koolaid, mayor, and lust for a life. my lip balm was also flapjack. Haven't tried the sugar scrub yet, but I plan to in the morning. Anyway, I'm glad you're loving it, and you can tell Mo that I definitely intend to purchase from her again if I ever get my finances in order, lol

  3. This is so pretty! Your eyes just pop with that color! Beautiful!

  4. I agree Anna, Blue/Teal is my go to color for sure!!

  5. Wow, that blue look is gorgeous ! :)

  6. I cant find brad on the website :'(