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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Too Faced "Melted" Liquid Lipstick

 I recently lightened my hair from dark green to light green and the transition has been tough for me. Figuring out new eye brow color and what eye and lip colors play well with this new hair has been difficult. I felt like a lighter eye and bold lip may pair well so I went to Ulta to pick up some new shades. First off, my Ulta is always out of stock of whatever it is I am shopping for. Ugh. I wanted to get some NYX lip products but of course they did not have any of the colors I wanted. I ended up being intrigued by the Too Faced display and decided to try the new Melted liquid lipstick in Melted Candy. Below are my thoughts and opinions on this product!

What is it? Long wearing liquid lipstick.

 How much is it? $21

 Where to buy it? Ulta, Sephora or Too Faced

 What is it supposed to do?  Description from the Too Faced website says:
Get the staying power of a stain, the intense color of a liquid lipstick and the high shine of a gloss in one long-wear formula. Using exclusive technology to keep cauldrons of molten lipsticks liquid and creamy, Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick comfortably coats lips in bursts of intense, high-impact, super rich, saturated color that lasts for hours.

 What does it ACTUALLY do? It lived up to the claims of intense color and high shine for sure. The long wear formula was a bit of a stretch in my case. I found that it did last longer than normal lipstick or gloss but not as long as long wearing liquid to matte lipsticks that I have tried. It was super creamy, it had a great texture, smell and application was really easy. One thing I did notice was that a lip liner is a must with this product. It started to feather out of my lip lines quite quickly and looked messy after an hour or so.

 Overall thoughts? I like the texture and color of this lipstick quite a bit. However, I did not like how much it feathered off my lips and the fact that it stayed quite wet was an issue for me because I have a 9 month old who loves to grab my face and give kisses. Overall it is a really nice product but not for me right now. I will save it for a few months and hopefully be able to wear it because the color is gorgeous!

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

No Sew Hemp Cloth Diaper Flat Tutorial!

          I have been so inspired lately to show you some of the things I have been making, mainly because they are SO easy, anyone can do them, even if you are not crafty and can not sew. Secondly because they are money savers! This one is for the cloth diaper people out there!

            My son is a pretty heavy wetter. I was resigned to the fact that my bed would forever be ruined by his diaper leaking on it every night and morning. All of my friend's kept telling me to try a hemp prefold and a wool cover. The cheapskate in me could not spend over $8 for one prefold or insert. So I opted to make my own. I ended up ordering a yard of hemp fleece from Wazoodle through Amazon for $16.99. I got a tubular piece measuring 36" x 27" which was 54" when the tube was cut open. I had every intention of sewing these up into prefolds but once it got here I started thinking.....and getting impatient to put the hemp fleece to use and stop having to wash my bedding daily! I decided to do flats instead of prefolds because hemp fleece (just like bamboo fleece) takes forever to dry. If it is a flat single layer it dries super fast as opposed to a bunch of sewn together layers. So here is my no sew, super easy way to make cheap inserts or doublers for your baby!

1. Decide what size you want to make your flat. The easiest way would be to use a prefold of flat as a guide. You could also measure the length of your diaper from front to back. Be sure to slightly stretch the diaper when you measure so your flat will fit right. I decided to make them the same size as my Dandelion prefolds ( size 3) so I could wrap them around the prefold and use as a doubler for nighttime. If you are making it to use alone in a cover I would suggest making it it bigger so when it is folded you will have more layers. I was able to cut 8 rectangle pieces that were approximately 14" x 15". My baby is currently 8 months and weighs 21 pounds.

Okay...........your done. That is it. The hemp fleece will not fray or fall apart on the cut edges so it does not need to be finished or sewn at all. If you are a perfectionist than obviously this little tutorial is not for you. You surely could serge or zig zag around the edges of your flat but it really isn't

 Boom, just saved yourself a ton of money! I paid $19.92 shipped for the yard of hemp fleece and made 8 flats so total per flat was $2.49 each! I have been using these flats in his night time diaper and so far we have not had a single leak. I am planning on making a fleece soaker soon so be on the look out for that!

Here are a few places you can buy hemp fleece.
$12.49 a yard plus shipping from Diaper Sewing Supplies
$9.76 a yard  plus shipping from Hemp Traders
$16.99 a yard plus shipping on Amazon
You can also find hemp fleece yardage on Etsy.

I hope this tutorial helps keep your little one dry and saves you some money!

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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Back to blogging!

So I am back......sort of. I haven't posted any new posts for some time but lately I have been feeling inspired again. I really LOVED blogging and have missed it. Over this very long hiatus a lot of things have been going on and changing on my end! I was pregnant and had a beautiful home birth. A baby boy! He is now a chubby 9 month old handful! I also closed up shop on  an online sewing business and started focusing on sewing and crafting for my family and close friends. Another huge change was that me and my whole family changed our eating habits to "clean eating". Basically we eat all organic (when it is available), whole foods. It has been over a year and I've lost over 40 pounds. With the new baby I have not had as much time or money to devote to makeup, crafting or sewing but now that he is getting older I am finding more time. I have been sewing and crafting quite  bit lately, a lot of things that have saved me a ton of money by making them myself. Everyone asks me how I made something or if I could make them one so I figured I would start blogging. So this blog will not just be about makeup anymore but more a mash up of makeup, crafts, diy, clean eating and anything else that peaks my interest! Potpourri if you will! I am going to see about getting an easier domain but for the time being this is it!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Phame Expo is back!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! It's that time again! I can't wait! Just caught this on Facebook!!!
2015 PHAMExpo tickets are now available online atwww.PHAMExpo.com. Get your tickets while supplies last and SAVE an additional $5.00 off your tickets until Jan 31st with the discount code: 2015members

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Clinique High Impact mascara
Lime Crime Jade-o-Lade, Divination, Nautilus Prime, Love Potion N'9

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