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Monday, October 12, 2015

Lorac Megapro 2

When the rumors and sneak peak pictures started floating around the internet about the possibility of a Lorac Mega Pro 2 I started freaking out. Over the last year my love of neutrals has grown immensely. So has my love for Lorac Pro eye shadow palettes. They are freaking AMAZING. I love the colors, formulas, textures and how easy they are to work with. I was not that into neutrals or Lorac when the original Mega Pro palette came out so I missed that one. Months later after acquiring both the Pro Palettes I started REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY getting sad that I missed on the Mega Pro. Lucky for me I have quite a few makeup addict friends and one of them was super kind and sold me her brand new one for less than retail price! I was so jazzed. Between the pro palettes, summer palettes and the Unzipped palettes I have been in neutral Heaven!
The Mega Pro 2 is an Ulta exclusive. I had heard horror stories about the original Mega Pro and it's release as a Sephora exclusive. Apparently they did not make or stock enough and it sold out within minutes. People were going nuts. Ulta was scheduled to have the Mega Pro 2 stock on October 4th. I called the Ulta customer service line on the 3rd to ask what time and what time zone would the palette be stocking. I was informed it would be available at midnight central time zone which was 10pm on the 3rd for me in California. I was sitting at my computer ready to click and check out. I was able to purchase it easily, checked out quickly and was quite pleased with my ninja buying skills. I guess I did not have to be such an eager beaver because here we are on the 12th and the Mega Pro 2 is still in stock online at Ulta! I am happy because hopefully everyone who wanted this palette will have a chance to get it!
I got my palette 6 days later and am freaking overjoyed at the beauty of this palette. I am pretty sure it is my favorite out of all the Lorac palettes and is my second favorite palette of all time ( Sugarpill Burning Heart palette will forever be my favorite) I have done quite a few looks so far which I will be posting soon. I also plan on swatching the whole palette and doing some comparison swatches for colors that appear similar from all the other Lorac Pro Palettes.

Face details are
NYX Pore Filler Face Primer
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation in Light Beige
the Balm Mart LouManizer highligher.
MAC Honey Jasmine blush
MAC Smoked Purple lipstick
Colourpop Tootsi lippie stix
I did this look using:
Lorac Eye Primer
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Forest on the lid
Saddle and Tangerine in the Crease
Melon, Burlap and Tawney to blend
Porcelain as a highlight and to set underneath my eyes
Jordana Fabuliner liquid liner
elf gel liner on the tightline
Lorac Multiplex 3D Lashes mascara

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Melt DGAF and Blitzed

I did a quick face today. A little liner and a lot of lips! I used Melt Costmetics Blitzed and DGAF.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Sugarpill Edward Scissorhands Palette

 If you have been reading this blog since it's creation you know that I ABSOLUTELY adore Sugarpill's pressed shadows. I own every one and when they announced that a new palette was coming out I knew I had to get it no matter what. There was little to no hype or news about this palette coming out, they announced it and within a week or so it was released. I found that to be bad and good. Bad for the people who live on tight budgets (me) because they usually have to plan for makeup splurges. Good because I feel like less people had time to find out about this palette and it did not sell out within minutes so it was easy to be able to purchase. I had to get creative financially to be able to order this palette because I already was planning on dropping $$ for the Lorac Megapro only around a week later.

It was available on Monday the 28th of September. I was ready, logged in and bought mine within a minute of it becoming available. After knowing I bought mine I was able to relax. The palette did not end up selling out for almost two days after it released which was either because it lacked interest or they stocked enough. Either way I am sure that all the customers who were excited for this were happy because there was ample time for everyone to snag their palette! I have read on Instagram that Sugarpill will be restocking this palette again ( only once I believe).
 I live in California so I got my palette within a week which was awesome! Packaging is adorable! Sugarpill never disappoints with their cute palettes. The shadows were bigger than I expected from the product pictures online which was great.
 I swatched these shadows over NYX jumbo pencil in milk.  Heart Shaped Cookie without a base is my EXACT skin tone color so it blends in and is invisible on me. That sounds like a bad thing but actually it is nice for blending out shadows. Ice Angel is the best out of this palette. It is very shimmery and duo chrome like. It looks amazing in the tear duct area or applied over other shadows to give them a shimmery finish. Suburbia was one of the shadows I was most excited about but overall it did not perform how I envisioned. I thought it would be a beautiful color to use to smoke out a dark eye and give it that "grungy" look. I tried doing that in the look below but without having much base or packing the color on it tended to just blend away into nothing. I am going to try using it packed on as a lid color to see how if it performs that way. Home Sweet Home is the second best in this palette in my opinion. It is a beautiful pastel blue. Very opaque and easy to work with. Castle on the Hill was super pretty and exciting to me but it ended up being similar to Suburbia with the color blending away. I tried really packing it into the crease but every time I tried blending it would disappear. The Inventor is great color. I feel that the finish (frosted sheen) makes it easier to work with.
Overall I can say I am disappointed in this palette. While the shades in this palette are gorgeous I found that certain ones were too dusty and did not adhere well or were not really able to be blended. The look below I really had to pack on and keep adding more color and not blend very much. It was a pretty look when I was finished but it was hard to achieve. I also did a smoky eye just using Castle on the Hill and it did perform somewhat better over a thicker base of NYX Jumbo pencil but I still had similar issues blending it out. I know that this palette is described as a neutral which obviously the colors are going to be different than Sugarpill's usual bold and bright colors but it is the formula, finish and texture that I feel are way below in standards compared to the other pressed shadows in Sugarpill's line.
Am I upset about this purchase? Nope. If I did not end up buying this palette I would have regretted it forever. The what ifs would have driven me insane. I will probably use a few of the shadows in this palette and if after a couple months I end up not using it enough I have daughters who are slowly getting into makeup and because the colors are so muted this would probably be good for them.

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Black Kitty Makeup Tutorial

Reposting this Kitty makeup I did a couple years back! Hope this little tutorial is helpful!

You will need:
Eyeshadow Primer and Base ( I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance and NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk)
Black Eyeshadow ( I used Ben Nye Black)
Gray Eyeshadow  ( I used Ben Nye Graphite)
White Eyeshadow ( I used Sugarpill Tako)
Black Eyeliner ( I used three different kinds of liner. I used Pur Minerals Black Gel Liner, Jordana Fabuliner Black Eyeliner Pen and Lorac Kohl Eyeliner)
A variety of brushes such as fluffy blending brush, eyeshadow brush, angled liner brush, small liner brush, fluffy blush brush and a small flat brush.
Red lipstick or lip pencil (I used NYX Jumbo lip pencil)
Fake Lashes

 1.  Apply your foundation. Prime and add a base to your eye. Then using your fluffy brush apply the white eyeshadow to your inner eye. Apply it in your tear duct area and a third of the way over. Using the same brush apply the gray eyeshadow to the middle third of your eye. Then, using a piece of paper or tape, hold it to your eye and apply the black eyeshadow. Using the paper or tape will create a nice, sharp clean edge. After you have done that, using your fluffy brush, reapply the white overlapping into the gray to blend, then apply the gray slightly overlapping into the white and black to blend. Very carefully add more black to blend and get the desired color depth. After you have finished that, use your fluffy brush or your finger and blend out the top edge of the makeup. Take care not to ruin the crisp line on the outer edge.

2. Using your desired liner, line your eye making a dramatic wing on the outer edge. The bigger the better! I used my eyeliner pen to do the top liner and outer wing. Then I used my kohl eyeliner for the inner line and lower liner. To get the little point on the inner eye I used an angled liner brush to pull the liner down a little. I also used gel liner to line my tightline and fill in all the space between my lashes.

3.  Using your gray shadow and a blush or face brush contour your face. Then apply the gray to your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose and to your forehead. Blend out the gray heavily. Next apply white eyeshadow in a circular shape just under your nose. You will want to make sure you use a quality white eyeshadow. Apply the shadow in layers until it is opaque. Then using black liner ( i used my gel liner and an angled liner brush) apply to the lower part of your nose. Then trace the liner down to your lip and line the top edge of your top lip. Carefully follow the edge of your lips out and line the lower edge of the circular shape making a cat "smile". Fill your lips in with the liner.

4.  Using the gray eyeshadow and a small eyeliner brush ,line the white circular shape. Apply this very lightly!! Then using your eyeliner ( I used my eyeliner pen) draw 3 small dots in the middle of the white circular areas.  Then draw your whiskers on. You can draw them as big or small as you like. I ALWAYS mess up when I do whiskers and never get them straight so I opted for tiny whiskers. Next apply red lipstick or liner to your bottom lip only. Lastly fill in your brows using a black pencil and add lashes!

I hope this was helpful! If you end up doing this look please let me know how it came out!!
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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I had been seeing Colourpop all over my Instagram feed for MONTHS . I was intrigued but never placed an order because I was in a makeup buying rut. Going to Phamexpo a few months ago got me excited about makeup again so I decided to place a Colourpop order. First off I was SO impressed with their prices, Most items are $5! What also impressed me was that free shipping was offered on orders $30 or more. Most websites are at least $50 or more. Then to top that all off they offered a $5 off coupon code for new customers! I was sold! I have been all about lipstick lately so I decided to get Lippie Stix. That was the easy part. Colourpop has SO MANY color and finishes to choose from. It took me a few days to google swatches and pictures but I finally narrowed it down to 6 Lippie Stix. My order shipped pretty quick. Colourpop is based in California so shipping was only a couple days after my order was processed. It was about a week total wait time. When I got my order I noticed that I was sent Fighter in a lip liner instead of a Lippie Stix. I emailed Colourpop because from my order form I could not tell if I mistakenly ordered it in a pencil or if they made the mistake. I got a response within an hour with a free code to order a Fighter Lippie Stix. They let me keep the lip liner and I received the right product within a week! Great customer service. I was highly impressed!

 Colourpop Lippie Stix are a slim tube lipstick, they contain 1 oz. of product and each has a matching lip liner available. The wording on the website had me a bit confused, at first I thought that a lip liner
came free with each Lippie Stix but that was not the case. There are over 95 different Lippie Stix to choose from on their website!
 I chose Heart On ( cool toned magenta in matte finish), Brunch (mid tone coral in satin finish), Wifey (bright lavender pink in satin finish), Tootsi (grey beige in matte finish), Charm (minty green in satin finish) and Leather ( blackened violet in matte finish)
I am freaking in LOVE with the texture and finish of all of these Lippie Stix. I prefer them over any other brand of lipstick that I own. They are fabulous! Out of these 6 my absolute favorite is Tootsi. It has become my everyday lipstick. It is such a pretty nude type color. It reminds me of Melt Laced but Laced it darker. Brunch was not really a shade that is flattering to my skin tone but I had to get it because of the name. Charmed was also a color that is not really suited for me but I wanted to get it so I could see how opaque and pigmented the more "wild" shades were. Leather is my 2nd favorite out of the bunch. It is a great dark vampy color.

 Overall I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Lippie Stix. I cant wait to order more! I want to try other Colourpop products too. Especially the eye shadows and highlighters. Colourpop seems to be a great company with affordable products, a huge range of products and great customer service. I am extremely pleased with my experience and cant wait to order more!

What are your favorite Colourpop products? Any recommendations?

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