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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What is your favorite?

I am in the market for a few new things and I have to know what your favorite things are. 
Like your tried and true go to products!

So answer away!

1. Mascara?
2. Eye Primer
3. Blush/ Bronzer
4. Lip color
5. Lip Gloss
6.  Eyeliner
7. Facial Moisturizer
8. Makeup Remover
9. Brush Cleaner
10. Makeup Brushes

Link me to your own makeup blog or you tube channel or to your favorite blogs and you tube channels!!


  1. I will answer my own questions

    1. Mascara? I love Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes. It builds up super huge long lashes and comes off SO EASILY.

    2. Eye Primer - I use NYX eyeshadow primer and I have a bottle of UDPP on the way.

    3. Blush/ Bronzer - This is where I need your help. I am in the market for some good blush and bronzer. I also need some links on where to put them to contour the face properly.

    4. Lip color - Also need help here. I have one lip palette from e.l.f and one tube of lip color from Shiro. That is it.

    5. Lip Gloss - I want something super glossy but not sticky. Everything I have tried except Bonne Belle or Lipsmackers is thick and gross

    6. Eyeliner - I am having issues with my top liner, so I ask you, Liquid or Gel?

    7. Facial Moisturizer - I have been using aloe vera gel with GREAT results. My skin has never been clearer or looked better

    8. Makeup Remover - I use the wipes but am in the market for some that comes in a bottle.

    9. Brush Cleaner - soap and water.

    10. Makeup Brushes - I have e.l.f brushes that are too poky IMO, I also have studio tools which I love!

  2. well, IMO, for blush, moisturizer and make up remover, you can't beat Mary Kay! Sunny Spice blush would look GORGEOUS on you. the moisturizers make your skin soft, and not oily, and the makeup remover not only takes off everything in one swipe, BUT it has moisturizers that condition your lashes to make them healthier and thicker. If you want to take a look at these, you can go to


    PM me on facebook for a special discount if you decide you want to try them :)


  3. Yay, this is fun!

    1. Mascara?- Tie between L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen and Rimmel Extra Super Lash
    2. Eye Primer- High Voltage Aplified Eye Primer
    3. Blush/ Bronzer- Fyrinnae Charm
    4. Lip color- WnW 521a
    5. Lip Gloss- Fyrinnae Lip lustre Visual Kei
    6. Eyeliner- Maybelline Line Stiletto
    7. Facial Moisturizer- Burts Bees daily lotion
    8. Makeup Remover- equate (walmart) makeup removing wipes
    9. Brush Cleaner- i use the same wipes to clean my brushes
    10. Makeup Brushes- sonia kushuk & studio tools


  4. 1. Mascara? Still looking. I tried that telescopic stuff and can't get the hang of the brush. So, I'm back to my maybelline waterproof.
    2. Eye Primer - I just use NYX
    3. Blush/ Bronzer - Don't use them. My cheeks are constantly red, so I feel silly wearing blush.
    4. Lip color - rarely wear it. I do have some lip tints from OrangeThyme on the way, so I'll let you know how I like those.
    5. Lip Gloss - Lipsmackers is my absolute favorite.
    6. Eyeliner - I just use a black powder turned into liner with a liner brush.
    7. Facial Moisturizer - Clarifying Tea Tree from Dress Green on etsy. The absolute BEST stuff I've ever used on my face.
    8. Makeup Remover - Just use my neutrogena wash.
    9. Brush Cleaner - Baby Shampoo or antibacterial soap.
    10. Makeup Brushes - I just bought a few studio brushes from Target. They were less than $3 and I love them. I also have 4-5 bamboo handled brushes that I bought from etsy.

  5. Thanks for answering ladies!

    Melissa, when I have more spending money I will check out your Avon. I had gotten some Avon stuff before and liked it a lot.

    Kimberly - I also loved that Rimmel mascara!

    Stacy- Don't you love the Studio Tools brushes!! I just wish they had more variety!!

  6. 1.Mascara - Maybelline Volume' Lash (black tube)for volume & Estee Lauder Sumptuous for length

    2.Eye Primer - Urban Decay Primer Potion

    3.Blush - Nars Angelika or Orgasm/ I don't wear bronzer regularly

    4.Lip color - MAC's Blankety ( I LOVE this color)

    5.Lip Gloss - Milani's Glitzy 3D gloss, OCC Lip Tars, Wet n Wild Speed Gloss

    6.Eyeliner - Wet n Wild liquid liner, Urban Decay 24/7 liners

    7.Facial Moisturizer - Estee Lauder's Hydra Bright Skin Tone Perfecting Moisturizer Creme

    8.Makeup Remover - Rimmel Eye Makeup Remover, CVS brand makeup wipes, Merle Norman LUXIVA Brilliant-C Cleanser face wash (This has made my skin so awesome! Removes my makeup really well)

    9.Brush Cleaner - Sephora's spray brush cleaner for lite cleaning, and Pink Artist Soap for deep cleaning, and Baby Shampoo

    10.Makeup brushes - BFTE Sets, Coastal Scents, Sephora brushes, Eco Tools, Estee Lauder gift w/purchase brushes.

    I hope you find some good stuff that works good for you! I know everything won't work for everyone, but these are some of my fav's :) Andddd, since you are on a budget, most places have good return policies on makeup. If you buy something and hate it, exchange it for something you will use! Hope this was helpful :)

  7. Hey there-

    I've been browsing through your blog and I can recommend a good drugstore blush. Milani just put out some new baked blushes and bronzer and they rock!. I buy high-end more than drugstore and these are as good as any of the pricier baked blushes I've tried. Wet N Wild's blushes are decent as well, they are mostly matte where Milani is a lil' shimmery. Mattes are best for contouring and shimmers are easier to work with.

    Which NYX primer do you use? I'm hooked on the new HD eye primer. I'm using it in place of UDPP lately.

    Moisturizer- Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel Creme is awesome. I have combination skin that gets really oily as the day goes on and this as my moisturizer under makeup has helped a lot.

    The Almay oil-free eye makeup removing pads in the white jar are nice and not irritating at all.