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Monday, February 21, 2011

Another dupe!!

I have decided I am going to duplicate one look a week.
There are so many awesome girls who do fabulous makeup looks!
Anna over at Snooglerat's Randomness has some KILLER looks. She is one of the first makeup ladies that made my jaw drop. She has some skills!! I talked to her and told her I wanted to dupe a look. There were SO many to choose from. She does some crease work that I am in awe of. I suck with the crease! I could have played it safe but I decided to go big.
I duped this.
Totally out of my comfort zone. She did wet application ( I suck at wet), Crease work ( I suck at crease work) and black lower line ( which I also suck at).
Her look used mainly BFTE colors.
-Urban Decay Primer Potion
-Beauty from the Earth loose matte mineral eyeshadow colors
Hangover (orange, used wet over entire lid)
Panurple (purple, in crease all the way up to below brow bone)
Patriot (navy blue, in crease faded below the Panurple)
Black (in deepest part of crease faded below Patriot)
-88 palette (lightest color in palette on brow bone for the highlight)
-Gel liner in Black, applied with liner brush
-Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero, on water line
-Maybelline Volum' Express Turbo Boost Mascara, color Black
I did not have any of those colors of course so I had to substitute or mix my own
Here is my look
I am fairly pleased with this. It lacks depth as usual. My orange was off  but overall I think it came out nice.
I am having issues with my top liquid liner. I just cant get it smooth anymore. I tried using an angled brush with wet black pigment but that didn't work  and my upper line ended up way bigger than I wanted.  Any tips???
NYX Eyeshadow primer in White
NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk
Lid: Tangerine by BFTE
Crease : Random Black, Random Blue
Above the crease: Purple and Blue mixed
Liner: Black pigment used wet
Lashes: Loreal Double Extend
Brows: Klean Color pencil in Dark Brown

I really wish I had seen this look when I did my Halloween look. I was Cleopatra and this would have been perfect!!


  1. pretty! have you tried using a lip liner brush to try and do your eyes with it? I find that I can get a finer line with one of those (using only the tip), even though they aren't nearly as stiff.

  2. Amazing as always. I want to know what makeup she uses that she looks like she's going to a professional photoshoot. I need some of that!

  3. She used Beauty from the Earth. All of her looks have the products listed that she used!

  4. I think this turned out so great! :D I love that it has your personal touch to it. Super Awesome job!!!! I bet I have looked at this post a dozen times :)

  5. Thanks Anna, I was greatly pleased with how it came out. I cant wait to dupe another look!!!