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Friday, August 16, 2013

Quick Step by Step Pictorial

Quick pictorial on how I achieved the look below!

Step 1.
Get a Yellow, Green and Teal/Aqua colored pigment or eye shadow.
I used Beauty From The Earth Lemon, Emerald Bliss and Blue Bayou.

Step 2.
Apply primer and if using loose pigments a base.
I used Too Faced Shadow Insurance and NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk.

Step 3.
Imagine your eye divided into thirds. Pat the yellow into the
inner third using a small eye shadow brush.

Step 4.
Pat the green to the middle third of your eye using the same small
eye shadow brush slightly overlapping into the yellow.

Step 5.
Pat the teal/aqua to the outer third of your eye slightly over lapping the green
using the same small eye shadow brush.
Step 6.
Grab a fully blending brush.
I used MAC #222

Step 7.
Using the fluffy brush apply all of the colors again.
Starting with yellow, overlapping into the green, green and then
the teal/aqua overlapping into the green to blend the colors together.
Using the same brush or your finger soften the top edge of the makeup
to your desired liking.

Step 8.
Apply liner to your lower and upper waterlines, liquid eyeliner and mascara.

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