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Friday, January 4, 2013

My Christmas Gifts!

 My husband I decided to not exchange anything expensive this year and just do really small gifts. He surprised me with Coach Poppy. I wasn't expecting it at all. I had smelled it in an Ulta catalog last month and mentioned I liked it. He went in the catalog and pulled out the sample and saved it so he could remember which one to buy! Super cute!! I also got a couple manicure things, Burt's Bees Lemon Butter cuticle cream and some awesome over sized glitter barrettes in my stocking! Thank you Santa!! The elf nail polish set came from my niece . Earlier in the month my husband sent me in to Ulta with $60 and I came out spending only $20 on a mini Benefit face set and a Real Techniques brush. I could not find anything I needed or really wanted! Crazy!!!

 I am SMITTEN with Some kind-a gorgeous!!! It is described as a "foundation faker". The product description says, This cream-to-powder formula means silky, even perfection for your complexion. So translucent, its THE finish for most skin tones. Its an instant beauty boost any time of day! 

 I totally agree with the product description. The formula itself is very smooth, It reminds me a little bit of  Benefit Porefessional . Just like Porefessional, as you apply this it just melts right into your skin. Normal pricing on a full size is $30 but to me it is totally worth it.

 You can see how light weight and translucent it is below on my finger. I apply it to my entire face using a stippling brush and it gives the perfect amount of coverage. I am finding lately that my face looks older when I use a thicker coverage foundation but with Some kind-a gorgeous it is so light weight  that it doesn't accentuate all the fine lines I have. The one thing I do not love is the scent. It smells gross in my opinion. I can overlook the scent though because it is a really neat product.

 I actually keep forgetting I have this. I will try it out ASAP and do a new post about it.

 I love my Real Techniques face brushes so I picked this shading brush up from Ulta for only $5.99. I love how affordable these brushes are. Just like the face brushes, this brush is very soft and nice. It is a great eyeshadow brush. It is a great addition to my brush hoard.

 elf Nail Polish Gift Set
 This set was a gift, probably from Target and I would image it was $5-$7. I have a lot of nail polishes but most of these colors were unique and not in my collection so I was happy. I used the nude color once and really liked it.

 Santa gave me this cream in my stocking, but I have seen it at Target for $5.99 and also in a gift set with a lip balm for $4.99. I have heard great things about this cream. It smells heavenly. I have used it a few times but have not noticed a difference in my cuticles yet. I have pretty dry hands and my cuticles are a mess usually so hopefully this cream works its magic!

 Also in my stocking were these insanely fabulous over sized barrettes!! You can see how huge they are compared to a MAC lipstick!! I do happen to know these are sold at Target and you can find them in the girl's accessory section in the clothing dept. for around $4.

 So that was my little Christmas haul!! What did you get for Christmas? Have you tried any of the products above? If so, what do you think about them?

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  1. Great Christmas haul! I got a caboodle and some target brand acne wash and moisturizer from target, which I love. Makeup,perfume,nail polish and a brush set from Avon. I'm in love with the mini travel brush set I got. It's in a glittery purple case and the brushes are soooo soft!

  2. ooh can't wait to hear about the Face Brightening Primer, especially if it doesn't have a bunch of pearly additives to it. i didn't get really anything for christmas which is ok! i still want to try the dermaroller after one of your posts really compelled me and i bought 3 of them but i still haven't used them because after reading a few websites i'm still really confused about the after-care, what to soak them in to kill all the bacteria because apparently regular old rubbing alcohol isn't kosher. Ugh by now i could have had great changes to my skin except for this one thing, lol. How often do you still do it? Is your face red for a couple days afterward? I think i bought 1 mm and .5 mm rollers. Have a great New Year!!