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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sugarpill @#$%!

Last month Sugarpill released their limited edition shadow @#$%! to the public. It was alsoa  limited time release and only lasted a few days. I have been on a no buy for basically ever and will continue to be on one for awhile longer but I HAD to have this. I have all the pressed Sugarpill and LOVE them. @#$%! was originally released during IMATS Los Angeles earlier in the year. I was devastated that I missed it. Then it was available a few months ago on Beautylish but you had to buy a HeartBreaker palette which I already had so when this came up for sale on the Sugarpill website I figured out a way to get it. This is sold out and I have no idea if Sugarpill will release it again .
This purchase was considered a HUGE splurge for me. I paid roughly $18 for this with shipping. OUCH!! But like I said, I needed it, this shadow was a nessescity. All pressed Sugarpill is a need...not a want LOL. So my order came within a few days, packaged to perfection and with a sample, sticker and promo card for the new pressed palettes that hopefully will be coming out soon.

@#$%! is a deep, true glittery red which is going to be perfect for the holidays! I found the texture of this shadow to be softer than the other pressed Sugarpill shadows but equal in pigmentation.

Left is over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Right is over bare skin
Natural light

@#$%! with flash

@#$%! in sunlight with a pig <3
@#$%! is similar enough to Love+ so if you missed out on @#$%! and have Love+ you are okay. Well that is if you are a normal person. Not like me who would die if I do not have all the pressed shadows from Sugarpill. When swatched over a white base @#$%! did appear to be a deeper red than Love+ but still very close in color.

Left Top - Love+ over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Left Bottom - Love+ over bare skin
Right Top -  @#$%! over NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Right Bottom - @#$%! over bare skin

Did you pick up @#$%!? If so what did you think? How do you like the pressed formula with glitter over the normal matte formula? I have yet to use this in a real look, I used it by just patting it on my lids on Halloween but have no tried blending with it yet. If you have, tell me what you think!!

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  1. I love this color and have actually taken to using it over Love+ when I'm doing a look with red. I think the little silver sparkles do it for me the most and it has blended wonderfully every time I have ever used it. It also makes a good lips color, though I am not wholly positive it is lip safe. lol