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Friday, November 23, 2012


Nominations for the holiday gift bags are open!
Do you know a lovely gal who could use a pick me up this Holiday Season? 
I will be sending out gift bags filled with
pretty things to gal's in need of a random act of kindness!
Please read below for more info.

I personally believe that kindness and giving are contagious. I want everyone to catch this bug!! I have been blessed to have exactly what I need plus a little more. For me not to share the little more would not be right. Last year I decided to do these gift bags with the intention if purchasing everything myself. I planned to do 10 little bags. Then the light bulb went off and I decided to ask for donations. The response was awesome. So many people contributed and I was able to send to everyone who was nominated. This year I want to be able to send to everyone nominated as well. Money is much tighter for me this year so I am depending a lot on donations which are rolling in as I type this.  I will not know how many bags I am going to be able to do until all of the donations are in which will not be until early December.  I will be taking nominations until November 30th. After all the donations are in I will make up as many bags as I can. I will be writing down nominations in order as they come in. I will do gift bags for as many as I can starting from the first nomination. Everyone nominated WILL get something. I am not sure if it will be a small package or a card with a sample yet. It depends on donations and nominations. To nominate I will need  the nominees full name , address and a little bio on why you feel they need a random act of kindness. It can be anything, If you think they need it then nominate them! I am not judging who gets something based on situations. I will be sending something to everyone regardless of the severity of the story. 

Nominations will be taken by EMAIL only. I will not be taking nominations through facebook or blog comments . Anybody who has previously emailed with a nomination will need to resubmit.

Please email Glittermomto6@aol.com with your nominations!

 Thanks for reading,


  1. This is such a wonderfully kind idea

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