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Sunday, November 4, 2012


I spent so much time working on my kid's costumes and I never got around to putting thought into my own until the night before Halloween. I had bought a huge pair of gorgeous red and black wings from Joann last month so I knew I wanted my costume centered around them. I planned to do sort of a dark fairy. On the day of Halloween I opened the wings only to find out that they were cheap pieces of crap. They were super heavy so the elastic straps stretched making then hang weird and then they were only held together by a tiny piece of felt that started ripping when i tried them on. I was pretty pissed off. In the end I just wore a black and purple cape and called it a day. Because I was in a bad mood I feel like my makeup came out bad. Looking back at the pictures I see it looked good but it just was not what I envisioned.
I used my normal foundation with some white powder on top of it to give me a paler look. On my eyes I used Sugarpill Love + and Sugarpill Bulletproof. I did the feathery lines using a cheap NYC liquid liner. My eyelashes are Klean Color. I used Bling Spirit Natural Control glitter adhesive, Bling Spirit glitter in Black Diamond and 8 Bit Cosmetics Glitter in Container for Hearts for the feathery accent lines. I also used Container for Hearts on my eyebrows.

After I got home I washed that makeup off and decided to just do something quick and over the top. I personally would love to wear crazy loud makeup like this everyday. This is also the only picture of my husbands makeup I got of the day! In this pic I used Bling Spirit Natural Control and Bling Spirit Platinum Sparkles on my eyes. My lashes are Klean Color Catty Maria. I used Pretty Addictions Wild Thang for blush and my lips are Ben Nye Pink Tart. My husband is wearing all Halloween cream makeup.

I did minor makeup on all my kids and failed to take pictures of course. I did snap this one of the mermaid makeup I did on my middle daughter. I used Pretty Addictions Shipwrecked in Paradise collection as well as Shattered Pearls. I also used some lash glue and applied some jewels to her cheeks and her eyebrows are Bling Spirit in Pacific Blue.

Next year we are are all forgoing the glam and going for guts and gore. We are going to be a family of disgusting zombies. I am going to RAID the Ben Nye section here!! 

If you have links to your Halloween look comment below so I can check it out!!

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