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Sunday, October 28, 2012


This makes me laugh. My bust up, uncontrollable laugh. I envisioned a look and believe me, this was NOT it. I intended to have smooth white skin, no eyebrows with just red lined eyes but the eyebrows were harder to conceal than I planned and I did not use a primer before applying the white makeup so instead I was left with this. I improvised and came up with this. A scary who knows what. I sort of feel like the evil witch from Snow White LOL. Anyhow, I took some pics of how I did this look. I am not going to call it a tutorial because I am not 100% happy with this.

First I tried to conceal my brows. I applied a non toxic glue stick back and forth on my brows and smoothed them with my finger. Then I applied a translucent powder to set them. I repeated this set and then using a small spatula I applied a generous amount of glue stick to my brows patting it down. Once again I set with powder. After that I used a concealer brush and patted white face makeup on top of my brows. Powdered again and then applied a thicker layer of concealer.

After that I applied the white cream Halloween makeup to my entire face using a damp makeup sponge. I dabbed it on being careful not to drag the sponge. After applying I powdered my entire face using translucent powder.
I did another layer of white cream makeup and powder. My eyebrows were starting to crack =0(
Then I used some black eyeshadow and a big fluffy face brush to apply some shading all around my hair line , jaw and chin. I used Sugarpill Bulletproof and Real Techniques Powder Brush.

Next I applied some red to my waterline and tightline using a small eyeliner brush. I did not have a red eyeliner so I used Sugarpill Love+ .

I also added a little bit of purple underneath my eye and in the tear duct area using a fluffy eyeshadow brush. I used Sugarpill Poison Plum.

Then I added in some details. I did the cracks using an eyeliner pen. The cracks are really easy to achieve. Just start with a long line and start branching out. The key is to use short, light strokes. I also added some black to my lips. I used a fluffy face brush, opened my mouth and applied the black eyeshadow to the inner area.

Here is the finished eye.

To make the gross teeth I just used some cheap lipstick. Using a small spatula I scraped some lipstick from the tube and smashed it all over my teeth. It stayed for HOURS and looked quite gross.

Creeper <3

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