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Monday, October 22, 2012

Bruised and Bloodied - Halloween Look and Tutorial

   Please be kind, this is my first time doing bruising. Overall I am pretty pleased with how it came out. It could be a bit more realistic but I only used cosmetic makeup. I did not want to use Halloween/Theatrical makeup because I know most people do not have it laying around. This look can be achieved using standard everyday makeup!

I used my Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette and the green from my Sugarpill Sweetheart palette along with a red NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil, Purlisse lip treatment, Ulta foundation, a fluffy Studio Tools brush, a Studio Tools angled liner brush and an elf concealer brush.
You will need:
Matte Red Eyeshadow
Matte Green ( a dirty green would work better than the green I used) Eyeshadow
Matte Yellow Eyeshadow
Matte Purple Eyeshadow
Red Lipgloss or Red Lipstick
Fluffy eyeshadow brush
Small brush such as a liner brush

1. I started out by applying my foundation. This is an important step because the foundation gives something for the eyeshadow to stick too. I also did my eyebrows and mascara. This is optional.

2.  Next I applied the yellow eyeshadow in the general shape I wanted the bruising to be. You do not have to be precise or careful. Bruising isn't an exact shape or look so do not worry about keeping in the shape or exact shading at this point. We have to build up color. Another tip is to start light. Only pick up a small amount of shadow on your brush. Keep getting a little more on your brush and applying until you have your desire color.

 3. Apply the green shadow with the same brush on top of the yellow in a slightly smaller shape.

4. Using the small brush or eyeliner brush apply the purple along the lower and upper lash line. The grab your fluffy brush and go over the purple until it is very blended

5. Using the fluffy brush add a small amount of purple under your eye and to your lid and slightly into the crease. Blend it heavily into the yellow and green.

6. Using the same brush add red on top of the purple. Apply the red VERY lightly ans build up the color. Blend it out heavily.

7. Take your fluffy brush and apply yellow all over the entire eye blending it as you go. This changes the red color into more of a bruise color.

8. Lastly I applied a bit more purple to my lid and under eye. Then using my red lip pencil I added a little under my lower lash line. Then I added a bit more yellow, red and purple where it was needed. I wish I could be more specific but like I said, bruising is not standard so I just added color where I felt it needed it.

To do the mouth I used the same technique of layering colors, starting with yellow, then green, then purple, then red and then going over with the colors again as needed until the shading was correct. I applied the yellow first and then I colored a small spot in the corner of my mouth in with the red lip pencil.
 I did not have any red gloss so I mixed some of my red lip pencil with a lip gloss/balm. You do not want to use anything with sparkle or shimmer. If you do not have any gloss you can mix red pigment or lipstick with chapstick by cutting off a small chunk and smashing together. Vaseline will work as well.

 I used the small eyeliner brush and dabbed the mixture on starting on the inside of my lip. I gradually moved outwards. You will want to pick up a lot on your brush so when you dab it on it gives it some texture. I also used my finger to dab it as well.

The nose was done the same way, layering the colors. Then I used the small brush and applied the red mixture to my nostril and used my finger to dab it out onto my nose.

Here is the finished look. There are some things I would change about it. I would line my other eye slightly with red so it would appear that I had been crying or it was irritated. I would also try to deepen the color of the blood. Overall I am pleased an how well this came out especially since it was my first time and I only used eyeshadow and lipstick. Doing this look made made me want to try out some special effects stuff. After the holidays I am going to get a bunch of Ben Nye stuff and go to town!

Let me know if you found this tutorial helpful or if you have any tips for me! Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow this is absolutely stunning! When I saw the thumbnail I actually thought that you had real bruises on your face. I think that you have done a very good job!!

    1. Thank you! It was so fun. I think I may get into more special effects type looks in the future