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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March Birchbox

               Sorry this breakdown is so late. Two reasons why, one is that I have been extremely busy with orders from my shop and second this Birchbox SUCKED hard. I am actually PISSED. I guess this month some people had an option of choosing a Teen Vogue box. I did not get that option. The Teen Vogue box was AMAZING. It has a full size Tarte LipSurgence and Essie Nail polish. The regular Birchbox that I got seemed to be geared towards old ladies. Thanks a lot Birchbox.

This is the Teen Vogue Box

This is the old lady box
             If you are unfamiliar with Birchbox you can get a lot of information from my first post about them here. Basically it is a subscription. You pay $10 and every month you get a box with 4-6 deluxe samples or full size beauty products. It is fun!!

Lulu Organics®

 Lavender + Clary Sage Hair Powder 

4oz for $30

 Lulu Organics®’s organic hair powder is the hip younger sister of mainstream dry shampoos: she’s eco-conscious, health-savvy, and has vague plans of packing her bags and moving to Portland. Analogies aside, this winning natural formula revives second day locks by absorbing volume-zapping oil. It has a lovely lavender scent laced with the faintest trace of herbal clary sage. And since it leaves no chalky white residue behind, even dark-haired girls can use it. 

           I did not really like this. The smell is nice but I love lavender and sage while I know a lot of others do not. I am not a big fan of dry shampoo or hair powder. I feel like my hair feels heavier and more dirty after using them. I have a bottle of dry shampoo that I  paid $10 for. I thought that was a lot. I would not pay $30 for this product.

Color Club Classic Nail Polish 

0.5 fl oz for $8.00

                 Nope, not a fan of this either. It is a pretty pink polish but I own like 5 similar colors. Color Club is no Essie. I can't understand how Birchbox did not realize that some people would be mad over receiving this instead of an Essie like the Teen Vogue box. They should have both been Essie.

Supergoop!® Sunscreen Swipes™ 

 40 Wipes for $30

          If there’s one skincare motto you should commit to memory, it’s this: never, ever skip the sunscreen. Shielding your skin from harmful UV rays is hands down the best way to prevent fine lines and brown spots, yet slathering yourself in lotion isn’t exactly a pleasant task. That’s why we adore these easy breezy SPF 30 swipes. Created by a veteran of the sun protection industry, they’re soaked with a skin-safe formula that provides broad-spectrum, water-resistant protection. Plus, an infusion of green tea soothes even the most sensitive-skin.

              I actually like this product a lot. It is super convenient and easy to use. I hate the feeling of sunscreen on my hands so this makes applying much nicer. I thought I would buy this product until I noticed the price. $30 for 40 wipes. Are you serious. That is so expensive in my opinion.

Apothederm™ Stretch Mark Cream 

5.7 oz for $89.95

              We’ve gone through our fair share of growing pains (like our regrettable Goth phase back in high school). Yet somehow we managed to escape unscathed—with one major exception. Nowadays, the only signs of our long-gone past lie in our unsightly stretch marks. Enter this sophisticated vanishing cream, which visibly fades the marks on our legs, hips, and stomach that we once regarded as permanent fixtures.
The lush cream tones and reduces the look of both ancient and recent stretch marks alike. Four natural moisturizers—olive oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, and meadowfoam seed oils—leave skin wondrously soft. Meanwhile, the unique SmartPeptide™ system increases collagen production, while licorice root and antioxidant-rich resveratrol fade discoloration. A dose of hyaluronic acid helps with long-lasting hydration 

            Ahhhhhhh, another old lady product. I am an old lady with stretch marks and this does not even appeal to me. I have not tried it yet but plan too. I will report back!

NIA24® Skin Strengthening Complex 

50 ml for $85

          Most moisturizers work to soften and smooth our skin, but this one-of-a-kind cream does all that and more. It’s clinically designed to reverse sun damage and strengthen our skin’s natural defense barrier. Developed by a leading biomedical firm, the fast-absorbing formula is made with a patented form of niacin (aka Vitamin B) to penetrate into the deepest layers of skin, speeding up the cellular repair process. A host of skin benefits will result, from fading the appearance of brown spots to reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Best of all, your skin will be more resilient against future UV damage—just in time for the next swimsuit season.
this skin-fortifying moisturizer contains a 5% concentration of Pro-Niacin™, a unique ingredient that undoes the effects of sun exposure and leads to noticeably brighter, firmer, and stronger skin. Other actives include protein-rich ceramides, moisturizing evening primrose and wheat germ oils, and peptides to erase crow’s feet and frown lines 

                  More skin care. Month after month it has been boxes filled with skin care. I do like trying these products out but I would really like to see more cosmetics in the boxes! I liked this product. It was nice but once again, not nice enough to spend $85 on.

Tea Forté® skin-smart™ Teas

 16 bags for $6

            Teatime just got a makeover. Not only do these fruity green teas taste amazing, they contain mega-high levels of antioxidants to repair your skin from the inside out. Each flavor addresses a specific concern, from fighting oxidative stress (a major source of wrinkles) to restoring skin’s youthful glow. Certified organic and fair trade, the beautifying blends will help you look as great as you feel—and who can say no to that?
Tea Forté’s® intelligent green tea blends boost the health of your skin by clearing toxins out of your system, which helps ward off the signs of aging. Lychee Coconut is a fruity white tea blend designed to help your body ward off harmful free radicals. Honey Yuzu is designed to help your skin renew itself and increase elastin levels with yuzu, a revered Asian citrus fruit known for its high concentration of vitamin C. Cucumber Mint is laced with the subtle sweetness of blueberries and encourages your skin to firm up by boosting collagen production. The nuttiest of the bunch, Cherry Marzipan features the toasted goodness of almonds, plus antioxidant-rich acerola cherries, to reverse the look of fine lines and wrinkles. What’s more, our favorite celebrity nutritionist Dr. Oz calls it “dessert in a mug.”

          Okay this tea just sent me over the edge. The box may as well of contained a bottle of Geritol, support hose and some denture cream. UGHHHHHH. I brewed a cup of Cherry Marzipan tea and it pretty much tasted like water. Not a fan of this product at all.

               What did you think of this months box? Did you get the teen or the senior ( lol) box? I hated this months box with a passion. I know some people would cancel over this box but I like getting boxes of samples each month. It is fun and for $10 it is a steal. I have a nice little arsenal of skin care products that will last me for a couple months so that is a win. I know that these products appeal to a lot of people and that Birchbox can't tailor boxes to each person but I just really wish we would see more cosmetics!!

 If you are interested in joining Birchbox click here . That is my affiliate link and I will get points when you sign up. Month to month subscriptions can be canceled at anytime. Just make sure you cancel before the end of the month!

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  1. I got a Teen Vogue box which I thought was astounding, considering I seem to usually only receive skincare. I am iffy about Birchbox...and it's boxes like the Teen VOgue box (which I mistakenly assumed everyone received) that make me keep Birchbox around. The Lipsurgence and the Essie polish, on their own, made the box well worth it. I think that Birchbox may need to start being more considerate and should try to "even out" their boxes...It seems so often that in one month there are some super great versions and some craptastical ones. I hate feeling jealous of other boxes and was also INSANELY jealous of those who received that "extra" Vichy box...I digress. This is the one perk of Beauty Army that I like: I can choose my own samples, and feel more in control of how well I will like my samples, though I must say, that Beauty Army has only ever offered me one colored makeup product, and it was concealer :/ I think that boxes like the Teen Vogue one make Birchbox worth it, and it is so disappointing that they couldn't have at least sent everyone the Lipsurgence and the Essie! Surely they must understand that most people willing to sign up for this kind of service are also willing to try new things, too, and that skincare should not be their (Birchbox's) safety net!

  2. LOL, you weren't kidding about the "old lady box". Hair powder? Stretch mark cream? And to top it off a spot of tea? I've had two kids and am no kid myself but wouldn't use any of that stuff.

    Can you send it back?

  3. o_O Lots of young people are into antioxidant-rich foods and drinks, like that tea ...

    1. I know, me calling it an old lady box is more of a joke than anything. I just think this box as a whole seemed geared towards older ladies.

    2. I was pissed to get the "senior" box too. I'm 19!!! I don't have strech marks or need freakin tea! I want makeup! SO I share your pain. They need to step their game up seriously. Unfortunately, I have a feeling April's won't be much better since the theme is nature and natural products. lame.

  4. Bah! I do agree with old lady box. I'm 23, while I might use the stretch mark cream (bad marks on my thighs, tummy, underarms from growing I guess)..I would not want TEA or Hair Powder in my box when I can get those myself much more affordable.
    I love and appreciate how you comment on each item, no way would I pay $85 for something, especially if it doesn't work or I can get something that does the same thing for more reasonable price, even if it's not high-end.

  5. This post is SO helpful! I am new to Birchbox for May, and I just went back and took my age (and anything that makes me seem older) off of my profile. That is a true old lady box, and the teen box is fantastic. I already use the matte Tarte, and they usually cost $24!