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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flirt! Brush Set

               I went shopping for a gift for someone at Kohl's last week and ended up getting myself a few things. Go figure!! Every time I am doing my makeup my daughter takes my blush and powder brushes. She is 2 years old and INSISTENT that she does her makeup too. Basically she takes the brushes and leaves. I noticed this set for only $15.00 so I decided to snag it.
              I love the pretty pink handles!! I was hoping these brushes would be a bit longer and bigger. They remind me a bit more of a travel set. Since they are small they sit in my brush cup lower and my daughter doesn't see them. HUGE WIN!!! She only wants the face brushes! Strange kid!

      Blush Brush - I have used this one quite often and I really like it. Since it is smaller than my normal blush brush it gives me better control on where I am applying the blush.
 Powder Brush - I like my powder brushes really big so they apply the powder lighter and give a nice air brushed look. I have used this to blend my blush out and it works really nice.

            Eyeshadow Brush - I have so many eyeshadow brushes so I put this one away to give to a friend.

          Eyeliner Brush - I have 4 eyeliner brushes so I also packed this away to give to a friend

             Overall I like this set. Since I only kept the face brushes they ended up costing $7.50 a piece which is a bit expensive seeing how small they are. I am going to buy some ecotools face brushes as soon as they are on sale at one of the drug stores soon. Do you have a favorite face brush?? If so what is it!!

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