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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Brazen News!

                       I recently applied and was selected to be a " Brazen Beauty".  This basically means I love myself some Brazen and want to share and show my love with others by posting looks, swatches and promoting the brand. I have tried Brazen on numerous occasions but never actually ordered myself. I have some awesome friends who have randomly gifted me pots of pigment from Brazen throughout the last year. I have a personal favorite which is Shenanigans. Thank you Stephanie <3 

                 I just got my first Brazen Beauty newsletter and it came with some amazing samples which I quickly potted up! I also just took advantage of a sale that Brazen was running and placed an order. I can't wait for it to get here!!

Natural Light

             Brazen pigments come in a 5 gram jar and will cost you $5.49. They do offer sample sizes (3 gram) on some of the colors but not all. Brazen offers a nice variety of pigment shades and a bunch of other products such as blush, bronzer, primer, lip gloss and lip balm. Sandi, the owner has over 12 years experience formulating cosmetics of all variations so you get the benefit of years of research and testing plus she is " Brazen" so you get some intense pigments and products.

Pigments with flash

Pigments in natural light
             All of these pigments are gorgeous. They all swatched nice and smooth. I am partial to Music Box because I just love all bright blues. Cat Call is also very pretty. I am planning a look using Cat Call and Fortuitous for my next date night!
                  I used Pharoah and Music Box for this look. This was a quick look so it is not too complex but I really love the two colors together. The pigments blended nicely and applied opaque.

                Have you tried Brazen? If not, what are you waiting for? If so, what is your favorite product and what must I order next?

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  1. The gloss is amazeballs. I'm addicted to Brazen Glosses! My current favorite is Kismet with Trouble as a close second.

    The fierce and flawless powder is great stuff and her shadows ROCK! Hell, you just need to buy one of everything ;)

    1. Okay, one of everything! I just gotta start saving my money!