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Monday, January 9, 2012

Get The Look - Moi Minerals

                   I just got my model package from Moi Minerals. Inside was "Snap", a most awesome green. I had to use it right away. The look came out cool so I decided I must do a "Get The Look" for it!
Here is what you will need to achieve this look.
Bright green pigment or eye shadow. ( I used Snap by Moi Minerals)
Dark Purple pigment or eyeshadow. ( I used Pluto by Moi Minerals)
Dark or Hot Pink pigment or eyeshadow ( I used Pink Stelletios by Moi Minerals)
Primer and Base.
Eyeshadow brush and a fluffy blending brush. ( I used elf $1 eyeshadow brush and MAC #222)
Small eyeliner brush.
Optional - Green and Purple eyeliner
1. Start off by priming your eye and adding your base in the desired shape of your finished look. I used UDPP and NYX jumbo pencil in Milk.
2. Take Snap ( green) and apply it just to your eyelid, right to the crease with your eyeshadow brush.
3. Take Pluto ( purple) and apply it into your crease and a little bit above the crease.
4. Grab your fluffy blending brush and get a little bit of Snap (green) and go over your lid and up into the crease slightly to blend the line between the green and purple.
5. Do the same thing with Pluto ( purple) until your green and purple are blended to your liking. 
6. Using your fluffy blending brush grab Pink Stelletios ( dark or hot pink) and lightly apply it right to the top edge of Pluto ( purple). Blend this heavily.
7. Apply Snap ( green) to the lower eyelid from the inner to the middle of the eye. I applied over a base of green eyeliner but you could skip this and just apply yours wet by lightly dampening your brush.
8. Apply Pluto to the lower eye from the middle to the outer edge. Slightly overlap into Snap to blend the two together. 
9.  Lastly apply Pink Stelletios over Pluto so that it mimics the top edge of your upper eye.
        Your finished eye should look something like this! Add liquid liner ( if desired), I used Jordana Fabuliner eyeliner marker and mascara.

   I hope this simple tutorial helped!! If you try this look out please send me a finished pic or link me to it! I would love to see!!!
Thanks for reading,


  1. I can't find Pink Stelletios anywhere on the site, did you mean Pink Stilleto?

  2. The label on mine said stelletios but it must have been a misprint. Pink Stilettos is it <3