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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Flirt! Blush in Pink TuTu

               My makeup no buy left me really itching to buy something so I decided to use some of my Kohl's cash and get some because technically it wasn't like me spending money lol. Justification! My husband bought me a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas and got $40 back in Kohl's cash. I got some awesome deals, I was able to get  yoga pants, a work out top, a hot pink velour jacket (yay) and a Flirt! blush. I scored and only paid $1.08 out of pocket!! Wooooot!

            I was not familiar with this brand at all. My Kohl's makeup section is usually a disgusting mess. It has all the products on display to test and everything is so wrecked. They also never seem to have things in stock or in the right spot so finding stuff is a pain in the butt.  FLIRT! is a makeup and fragrance line available exclusively in the US at Kohl's Department Stores and on www.kohls.com/beauty

            I liked quite a few of the blushes but of course none were in stock. Pink Tutu was not in the tester area so I opened it to look at it and decided just to get it. I paid $14 for this blush. The packaging is nice. The compact slides open and has a mirror. The blush is a very smooth formula which I like.
    Flirt! says the blushes are "A sheer powder blush that applies evenly with blendable color in a variety of finishes." They come in 10 different shades and they also have a line of bronzers.
              Pink TuTu is a nice pink color with a bit of shimmer/sparkle to it.  I really wanted Dapple Apple but they did not have it =0(
       Yes, I realize my blush application needs some help but this is the only picture the blush shows up in. I think I will get more Flirt! products soon. I liked it quite a bit but the main reason is because I have a Kohl's card and routinely get 30% coupons and earn Kohl's cash so the makeup ends up being fairly low priced.

           Have you tried Flirt! cosmetics? If so, what is your favorite product? What should I get next?



  1. Nice color. I'm in need of some new blush and this looks like a pretty versatile color. Thanks!

  2. so pretty! You're such a stunner!

    black tutu

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