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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Get The Look - Simple Sunset Eye Tutorial using Moi Minerals

I am starting something new here!
Get The Look!
This will be a series of simple quick tutorials
on how to achieve different eye looks.

This simple tutorial is for a
Sunset Eye

To start you will need a fluffy blending brush, an
eyeshadow brush and an eyeliner brush. Mine 
happens to be angled but that is just my preference.

 Next you will need these pigments or similar color substitutes.
Rock Star Red by Moi Minerals ( rusty red)
Calla by Moi Minerals ( peachy orange)
Sailors Delight by Moi Minerals (glitter filled orange)

Prime your eyelid with whatever method you prefer.
I used elf eye primer and then I used NYX Jumbo Pencil
in Milk as a base. I applied it on my lid and then blended the
edges up into the crease.

Excuse the squiggles. I am getting used to using GIMP to segment my eye.
Using your eyeshadow brush apply Calla in the area labeled above.
Using the same brush apply Sailors Delight in the labeled area above.
Lastly, using the same brush apply Rock Star Red in the labeled area above.

Now grab your fluffy blending brush.
We are going to go over the entire eye
again with all the colors and this brush.

Starting with Calla apply it in the labeled area above 
slightly overlapping up into Sailors Delight to blend the line between the two colors.
Next, using the same brush apply Sailors Delight to the labeled area above
slightly overlapping into Rock Star Red.
Using the fluffy brush helps give a softer more air brushed look
and helps to blend the colors together.
Now using the same fluffy brush lightly apply Rock Star Red
into the labeled area and start gently moving the fluffy brush back and forth
along the top edge of Rock Star Red to blend it. You can blend it upwards
if you desire the look to be up above your crease as mine is.

You can go back over the entire eye using all the colors and your fluffy
brush if your color is not bold or blended enough. It is all
up to you and how you want the finished look to be!

Your eye should look something like this

I hope this simple format was easy for you to follow.
If you use this tutorial can you please link me to your
finished look!!!
I want to do more tutorials but really do not have as much time
as I would like to edit pictures and type out long descriptions and
video tutorials are out of the question with all the little
ones I have around here so hopefully this format works!!
Let me know what you think please!!


  1. super pretty! i love the shades chosen, they work well together for a lovely sunset. me likey :D

    Vonnie of Socialitedreams.com

  2. You're eyes are a sunset!!! So pretty :)
    Thanks for this tutorial, it was really helpful!

  3. I love this look, what a great combination of colors!

  4. Wow, such a gorgeous look! Super blending! :)