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Monday, August 8, 2011

Ben Nye Grand Lumiere Palette

I was eyeballing some Inglot the other night while
chatting with my friend Lisa. She suggested I get
the Grand Lumiere palette by Ben Nye because it was
a better deal and in her opinion some of the colors were better
than Inglot.

I paid $54 shipped for this palette from here.
 Ben Nye Products are typically marketed as
stage or theater makeup. It is insanely pigmented and velvet smooth!

My palette arrived pretty quick. Less than a week.
The case is a very sturdy metal and each pan of shadow snaps in
place. The brush included is not very functional as a makeup brush
but would work very well as a face painting brush.

 RL -1 Ice

RL-3 Aztec Gold

RL-4 Silver

RL-16 Azalea

RL-12 Cosmic Blue

RL-6 Sun Yellow

RL-2 Iced Gold

RL-7 Tangerine

RL-8 Chartreuse

RL-10 Jade

RL-14 Amethyst

RL-17 Cosmic Violet

Swatches in the sunlight.

Natural light swatches
Close up.
Ice, Aztec Gold, Silver,Azalea, Cosmic Blue and Sun Yellow

 Iced Gold, Tangerine,Chartreuse,Jade, Amethyst and Cosmic Violet

This palette was considered a splurge but the more I think about
it, I think it is a steal.
Each pan comes out to be $4.50 each if you break it down.
That is SUPER cheap and insane especially with how
high quality and pigmented this palette is.
The colors really glided on and were very easy to work with.
I did this look really quick using
Sun Yellow, Chartreuse and Amethyst.

My overall thoughts on this palette are that EVERYONE needs it!!
It is not a splurge, but a steal and it is AMAZING!!

Do you have this palette?
If so what do you think?
Any other Ben Nye palettes or colors I need?
I love enablers <3

Thanks for reading,


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous. I actually don't have any BN right now, but I am lucky enough to have a shop nearby that sells it. Seeing those swatches might just inspire a trip over there, hehe.

  2. so pretty. i really want to try out some ben nye products now. like always the look you did is gorgeous!

  3. Agree - gorgeous!

    They are so pigmented. Very jealous.

  4. Oh my goodness, this is going right onto my wish list

  5. Thanks for the compliments ladies. Seriously everyone needs some Ben Nye

  6. NEED. I have a few Ben Nye things (zombie palette, white & black cake colors), but now I NEED this.

  7. AWESOME POST! I've been waffling over whether or not to buy this for a long time as it is expensive. I think your swatches show that it is worth every penny!

  8. they're huge too, so they will last forEVER...way better deal than one tiny mac eyeshadow for 15 bucks...

    i have every color of ben nye pressed e/s....and every color of the creme eyeshadow too, lol.