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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rainbow Eye Tutorial

Here is a simple tutorial for a light everyday rainbow eye.

Here is what you will need.
Fluffy blending brush
Eyeshadow brush
Small liner brush
Eye Primer and Base ( concealer or just a base fine)
Liquid Liner ( if you want)
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple
eyeshadow or pigment

Prime your eye and add your base.
Add the base in the shape you want your finished eye look to be in.
I like a big rainbow shape but you can keep the base lower if you like a
smaller look.

Grab your red pigment and your liner brush.
Imagine your lower eye divided into 3 parts. 
Pat on the red on the first third of your eye.

Grab your orange pigment and use the same angled brush.
Overlap the orange and red slightly and pat the pigment into
the second third of your eye.

Grab your yellow pigment.
Overlap the yellow and orange slightly and
pat the pigment into the last third of your eye and bring the line out.
You can bring it out a little or a lot like I did.

Grab your purple pigment and your eyeshadow brush.
Imagine your eyelid divided into thirds again.
Pat the pigment into the first third of your eye.
Bring the purple pigment down into your tear duct area
and also on the lower lid into the red pigment.

Grab your blue pigment and the same eyeshadow brush.
Pat the pigment into the second third of your eye.
Slightly blend the purple and blue together by VERY LIGHTLY patting
the blue into the purple.

Grab your green pigment and the same eyeshadow brush.
Fill in the last third of your eye.
Slightly blend the green and the blue by patting into the blue.

Grab your fluffy blending brush and lightly go across your lid.
Also brush quickly across the top of the eye until it is all
blended to your liking.
Use your finger to light blend your lower eye.

This is what your eye should look like now.
If you aren't happy with the look you can add more color.
If it isn't blended to your liking I would suggest getting your fluffy brush 
and using the color pigment that is used where you want to blend
and go back and forth lightly over the spot.

Finished look with eyeliner and mascara!

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!
If you have any questions please let me know!!


  1. AMAAAAZING tutorial. It's so hard to get great shots of when you're finished. I can't imagine the trouble you went to to get all of these intermediary pictures!

  2. love this!! here's a question/comment/ thought... so i was looking for some ideas today w/ a certain color... you should consider possibly labeling blog entries that have "finished" eyes, and maybe by color? so i could have a link to all your finished eyes, or if i was looking for a purple look, i could fish through your blogs that way? just a thought <3

  3. Great tutorial for a fabulous look! Thanks!

  4. :D Love it! I can't wait till my shadows from them get here!

  5. Kat that is a great idea. I have plans to streamline things a bit more here. I do have an EOTD gallery