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Friday, May 6, 2011

Ulta Haul!

I took a trip to Ulta to get some mascara that was on clearance
( which I forgot to even look for)
and ended up getting a few things!
I paid $17.92 for all of this!
I had a $3.50 off coupon and I accumulated enough
bonus points to get an additional $4.00 OFF.
Can we say, YAY!!!

I have been wanting to try a liquid glitter liner and NYX
was buy 2 get one free so I grabbed this!
Retail price is $4.49
 I tried taking an eye pic using this liner but I couldn't get the glitter to
photograph right so you get a swatch instead!
 NYX Liquid Crystal Glitter Liner in Crystal Pewter
 I like this so far. I am addicted to the black eyeliner so using this makes me feel nude.
I am going to play with it some more.
One swipe will give you a nice solid line of glitter which is nice.

Now this is what I am VERY excited about!!
I wanted a hot pink lip gloss so I grabbed this thinking it was a gloss.
It is actually a lip cream which is similar to OCC Lip Tars
Here is the product description

  • Straddles the line between lipstick and gloss

  • Creamy, lustrous formula applies like silk

  • Soft matte finish exudes a sensual glow

  • Unique innovative texture adds the perfect polish to any look

  •  Above is NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Adios Ababa just applied.
    Retail price is $5.99
    This photo was after 4 hours of wear.
    I didn't take any pictures of the bottle or applicator because I am saving that
    for a post which I will compare this and OCC Lip Tar.
    At this point I like this stuff better for numerous reasons!
    Stay Tuned for more on this!

    I also got 2 Ulta brand lipsticks.
    These were Buy 1 get 1 free!
     I swatched this one on my hand and liked it but now I think it is too white for me.
    I was looking for more of a white iridescent pink.
    The color is called Snowflake Shimmer
    This retails for $8.00

    I swatched this on my lips and it looked HORRIBLE.
    My lips are pretty dry and chapped from that damn Smooth Away.
    I will give this another try soon.

    I have seen so many gorgeous girls rocking the orange lipstick lately
    so I had to get my own.
     This is Nectarine Shimmer
    Retails for $8.00
     I really like Ulta lipstick. It has a really nice glide and seems to stay really well.
    I am not a huge lip product person but overall it seems to be a good deal.
    Please excuse my gross lips!!

    This is a pretty orange, I like it but I think I want a lighter matte orange too.

    Ulta FINALLY had the NYX Super Fat Marker in stock!!
     If you follow this blog you know I have been having issues with my liquid liner.
    I have tried a few different products and it is always the same. I get crooked messy lines.
    I have ruined SO many looks!!
     I have also had BAD luck with eyeliner markers. They ALWAYS dry out.
    This is retails for $9.99 and also comes in a skinny version.
     It draws a nice thick clean line. Did it fix my eyeliner issue?
    Not completely but it did improve things. It does go on much smoother than
    liquid liner with a skinny brush. We will see how it works in a few weeks.
    I will update!!

    So finally I had a good Ulta trip!!
    They are usually out of everything I want.
    I am compiling a list of other lip colors I want as well as that mascara!
    I think a Mother' Day trip is in order!!!


    1. I've been curious about that marker for a while now! I tried one a while back(I, for the life of me, can't remember the brand)but it only worked for a week or so then went dry and useless. What a shame, because the first day or two, I was in love! Keep us updated, I have my fingers crossed!

      AS for the NYX Matte lip color, I LOVE that stuff! It smells awful, but is totally worth it! I intend to stock up like crazy soon, since I only have darker colors right now and want to wear them this summer! I'm a big time lipcolor kind of girl. ^_^

      Thanks for the info!

    2. The glitter eyeliner looks pretty nice! I think i am going to have to try it out since i love glitter! i recently tried the NYX soft matte lip creams and fell in love also! they're are so awesome! I have also been wondering about the NYX liner too. I have a mac liquid liner pen but it doesn't work sometimes and gets dry.

    3. I love your blog! And i've passed along an award to you to show my love. Hope you can pass it along too!

    4. When I get to finally visit an Ulta (in August), I am heading STRAIGHT for the NYX stuff! I can hardly wait!!! That glitter liner looks fantastic!