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Monday, March 14, 2011

Ulta Haul - Part 3

OK, here is the last of my Ulta haul!
I didn't swatch or use quite a few of the products that I got in my 
free gift bag because I am saving those for a giveaway!

Adore and Afterglow

Adore is a darker blush and was in my free gift bag.
It goes on nicely.
I like this and have used it when I want a darker cheek instead of a pink tone.

Adore swatched heavily

I tested this at Ulta and really liked it.
It is a very nice soft pink. 
I use it when I do a neutral eye and it really makes me feel natural looking.
I paid $6.50 .
(P.S It is on sale for $5 right now)

Afterglow swatched heavily

White wedding.
I got this eye crayon because it resembled a NYX Jumbo pencil.
I was already getting a NYX Jumbo pencil that day 
but since I needed to spend $17.50 on Ulta merchandise I
decided to get this eye crayon instead.

It goes on pretty sheer. I applied it very thick for this picture.
Applying this much on your eyelid would cause some massive creasing .
I paid $8.00.
( P.S this is on sale for $4.00 right now)
 I am not pleased at all!
I have used this as an eye brightener by using a bit of it in my tear duct area.
It is good for that and goes on nicely but it doesn't work for what I bought it for.

That brings us to the end of my Ulta haul.
Awww, Don't have a sad face!!
I am going back to Ulta tomorrow!!
Watch for haul pics!!!!

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