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Friday, February 11, 2011

Soft Valentine Tutorial


I set out to do a video tutorial but add 2 fighting boys and that ended real quick. I decided to go the picture route! If you have any questions please shoot me an email at glittermomto6@aol.com

You will need a matte white, a white translucent shimmer, a pale pink, a medium pink and a red pigment or shadow.
You will also need a primer, base, eyebrow pencil (optional) mascara, an eyeliner brush, fluffy blending brush and at least 2 shadow brushes.
Here are the swatches of the colors I used. Match what you have as good as you can.
The whites and reds are randoms, the light pink is from Antoinette's Revolution and the dark pink is from Madd Style cosmetics.

 Eye shown primed, with base blended out.

Prime your entire eyelid from lashes to brow. Apply your base in the general shape you want your finished eye to have. Blend out the edges with your finger.

Grab both your whites and one of your shadow brushes.

Remember the key to working with loose pigments is that you PAT, not rub when applying. 
Apply the matte white to the inner tear duct area of the eye, then apply some of the shimmer white over that.
Apply the shimmer white to your brow bone, sweeping it all the way across.

Grab a clean ( or clean off your old brush) and your pale pink.

Apply the pale pink next to the white. Imagine your eye is divided into 4 equal parts. The first part is the white, second will be pale pink, third is medium pink and fourth is red. Apply the pink in a block or rectangle shape. You can go as close as you want. I personally like the pale look in the tear duct so I start a bit father back.

Here is what your eye should look like at this point. Do not worry to much about the overall shape because it will all be blended together.

Grab your medium pink. You can use the same brush. Apply it next to the pale pink.

 Use your brush and gently fan out the top edge if the pinks blending them together.
Here is what your eye should look like at this point.

Grab your red and a clean brush.
Starting at the outer corner of your eye make a sweep with your brush.

Here is what your eye should look like at this point.

Fill in the area lightly with the red.

 Grab your fluffy blending brush.

Starting at your inner eye, lightly brush the white into the pale pink.
Lightly move your brush back and forth rapidly between the pale pink and the medium pink.
Dip your blending brush into your shimmer white.
Starting at your inner eye, brush the shimmer white back and forth quickly over the whole top edge of the eye color to blend and soften.
Grab your eyeliner brush, medium pink and gently line the lower eye.

Apply your mascara and eyebrow pencil if desired and you are done!

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