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Friday, February 11, 2011

Glittersniffer Cosmetics...my 2 cents

I debated on writing this for quite some time, 
but Anastasia at Lipstick and Lightsabers pretty much summed it all up!

Most of you who have known me for a bit know that I was an AVID supporter and user of GS.
I personally never had huge issues with the company like so many others have. 
I always got my orders in a timely manner, they were usually correct and I liked the quality of the pigments.
I will say that some of the GS collections I bought from others were HORRIBLE. 
Very grainy and some were translucent. None were consitent with the colors Lela swatched for the collections.

Last month I decided to stop publicly supporting GS and to stop buying pigments from her.
The amount of information that was coming out regarding unsafe pigments,
lies and theivery was too much for me.
I did not/do not  want any of my friends, family or random people buyiung GS
because of me, my pictures or this blog.
I promptly removed all mention of GS from my blog and kindly emailed Lela to tell her I couldn't support GS anymore. I expected some sort of issue after that but none came. 

There is a wealth of information out there regarding Glittersniffer and I hope if you are considering purchasing from them you read it all first. I know it may seem like people are just on a mission to ruin Lela and GS but I assure you that isnt the case. I was in that place before and I really thought that everyone complaining was nuts. After reading, reading and reading some more the proof is there.
I did not want to believe it because I truly loved GS, the pigments and the fanpage.
As lame as that sounds, I did.

Here are some very helpful links:
A very blunt to the point overview of the wrong doings of GS - 

Glittersniffer complaints blog. This blog is very informative without being emotional. There are many links about how to file complaints and current information about GS

Glittersniffer complaints on Facebook

I have bought from several "Indie" pigment makers and have been pleased but at this point I really can't say I recommend any company. I feel like at any moment the floor can fall out and we will find out that they have issues just like GS.

Just research before you buy, Google is your friend!!!


  1. *spanks with the pink fluffy whip*
    I agree!! I agree!!! GS is total BS :P

  2. I respect your opinion, Chris. Anyone wiht half a brain wouldn't hold you responsible for their ordering GS product. I can honestly say that I had zero issues with GS, granted I only had the opportunity to place 2 orders before el shit-o hit el fan-o.

  3. I ♡ you, and you don't have to apologize for anything. You've got lots of support if you need it hangin' around!

  4. don't worry, it doesn't sound lame. I got caught up in it too, but after never receiving my first order (or the replacement) and the more stuff has hit the fan, the farther away I've moved from GS. Maybe it's cheesy, but I like this post. It's honest.
    And now the serious stuff is out of the way, back to the glitter! :D

  5. Thank you picky mama and all of you who have supported me =0) Yes, now back to the glitter!!

  6. I think it's really lovely that you posted this. I know that sounds stupid, but I really, really despise avid worshippers of people who run their businesses they way that GS ran theirs.