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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Madd Style and my 2 cents!

My awesome friend Sarah-Michelle ( who is a total sweetheart) got me some Madd Style Madd Piggiez! I  lurk over at the Madd Style fanpage on Facebook and I happened to see an AWESOME look on one of the girls done with Electric Kool- Aid.
I was sold at that point but was out of fun money so SM got me 3 colors to try out! Thank you again SM!!!!
                  My order came in about a week which is awesome because I am sooo impatient. Everything was packed VERY well and looked great!

I got Mondo, Electric Kool-Aid and Disco Biscuit. All were sealed with sifter stickers!!
Yay for sifter stickers!!!

Electric Kool-Aid is just RAD! It is a perfect bright purple. I am in LOVE with it! I am still using my awful gross camera and it does these colors NO JUSTICE. This pigment has a blue shimmer to it.

Mondo, apparently I love purple!! I haven't used this one. I only swatched it with my brush!

Disco Biscuit. If I imagine a perfect color this it is LOL. I love this!! Once again my camera sucks and is not showing the true awesomeness of this pigment!
 I feel freaking awesome in this makeup today!! I haven't had too many good makeup days lately so this was a much needed self esteem boost!

I used Electric Kool-Aid and Disco Biscuit with some pale white sparkle dust over it all!

(Once again I have to aologize for the horrible pictures, my new camera will be here next week)

So my .02 cents about Madd Style is this:  I love it! The quality of the colors is AWESOME and the color options are right up my alley, Bright and Bold. I have already ordered again and I am sure I will be ordering over and over again! Madd Style has specials ( 3 pigments for $10) quite often which is great for building a stash. The normal price per 5 gram pot is $5 which is totally affordable. Items ship FAST and are packed perfectly.

Ok so if you read this far you get a treat!! I have not used Mondo yet and the first person to comment below will get a free sample of it send to you for FREE!!!


  1. You finally did it loser!!! Congrats!!! Sitting on my blog 24/7 finally paid off for you =0)~
    I already have your address!! I will mail it Monday!

  2. SCORE! Finally being your friend has paid off. Of course I wish it could pay off more because being your friend really sucks.

  3. I really like Disco Biscuit! :D
    Also, tagged you with a blog award ^_~

  4. Thanks for the review. I placed my first order with her a few days ago and impatiently waiting on it to arrive :)

  5. OK... so I used my Madd Style pig's today! I ordered the grab bag that you posted on the Book a couple weeks ago and got 5 pots for $20... I have to say... I likey!

  6. They are nice huh!! What colors did you end up getting? I am like madly in love with Brad