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Monday, January 31, 2011

EOTD, RAMM, Aloe Vera and Mascara

I was RAMMed today. Before you freak out and think I am some sort of pervert it means Random Act Mineral Makeup. It is a thing that one of my makeup group does. They just randomly send out makeup treats!! Christie Brooks was kind enough to send me all of this ( I potted the baggie samples)

The blue, yellow and purple were all made by Christie. I have dubbed the blue , "Glitterlips", the yellow, "Christie" and the purple "Cupcake". The pinkish white is from Candy's Sweet Treats and the brown color is from Elohi Cosmetics

Thank you Christie!!!

Here is a look I did, I used Mondo from Madd Style and Glitterlips made by Christie

So now on to the Aloe Vera. I have this book

It has a wealth of information inside it. From housecleaning to beauty, it has recipes and instructions on how to make a TON of different things. I have read it cover to cover but I will just randomly open it up and read whatever page I happen upon. A couple of weeks ago I landed on Aloe Vera. The author said that she started using Aloe Vera on her face and it completely erased her age spots.Aloe Vera is antibacterial, antiseptic,an astringent, anti-inflammatory, an emollient, it is moisturizing and it heals skin. Sounds like a miracle worker ! I am started to get some fine lines on my face so I decided to try this out. I rub some Aloe Vera gel on my face 2 times daily. The first week I saw nothing and was discouraged but now in the second week I clearly see a difference. I normally have red spots and some small acne here and there but right now my face is totally clear. NO blemishes at all. I do think I need more moisture still but the Aloe Vera is definitely working!

About the mascara.....I am annoyed on this one. I asked my friends what mascara they used to get an idea of what I should try out. Loreal Telescopic was suggested a couple times and I found a coupon for $1 off. Sweet!!! I got to Target and the Loreal Telescopic Explosion was on sale for $5.99. Even sweeter!!!
( I will note, I am not annoyed by my friends, I am annoyed that Telescopic Explosion is different than just plain Telescopic)

Well until I got home and opened it. This is the applicator. It is strange to say the least. I am having issues with applying it. It takes forever because the shape. Do any of you use this? Any tips?
I will definitely be getting new mascara next time I am at Target!!

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  1. 1) I have glittermail from Candy's Sweet Treats in transit... yay!! How do you like it?
    2) I use aloe Vera as my moisturizer and love it!
    3) that mascara sand looks wayyy sucky. I love benefit bad girl lash but when I can't afford it, Falsies is an awesome substitute.

  2. Taylor, I liked Candy's, the pigment was a white/pink so it is hard to judge how the coloes will be. Let me know how you like it!

  3. I LOVE some of Candy's pigments -- she has good colors :)
    That wand just looks..weird! I use drug store mascaras and Avon when I can; I have thick lashes.
    Christie's colors are so pretty! I haven't tried hers (yet) but just from the colors they look so nice! Another great review, Christina! :D

  4. I've tried that mascara, the first few times I really liked the way it looked on, I had to take my time with the brush. After a few uses it got really clumpy and applied weird.