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Monday, October 5, 2015

Sugarpill Edward Scissorhands Palette

 If you have been reading this blog since it's creation you know that I ABSOLUTELY adore Sugarpill's pressed shadows. I own every one and when they announced that a new palette was coming out I knew I had to get it no matter what. There was little to no hype or news about this palette coming out, they announced it and within a week or so it was released. I found that to be bad and good. Bad for the people who live on tight budgets (me) because they usually have to plan for makeup splurges. Good because I feel like less people had time to find out about this palette and it did not sell out within minutes so it was easy to be able to purchase. I had to get creative financially to be able to order this palette because I already was planning on dropping $$ for the Lorac Megapro only around a week later.

It was available on Monday the 28th of September. I was ready, logged in and bought mine within a minute of it becoming available. After knowing I bought mine I was able to relax. The palette did not end up selling out for almost two days after it released which was either because it lacked interest or they stocked enough. Either way I am sure that all the customers who were excited for this were happy because there was ample time for everyone to snag their palette! I have read on Instagram that Sugarpill will be restocking this palette again ( only once I believe).
 I live in California so I got my palette within a week which was awesome! Packaging is adorable! Sugarpill never disappoints with their cute palettes. The shadows were bigger than I expected from the product pictures online which was great.
 I swatched these shadows over NYX jumbo pencil in milk.  Heart Shaped Cookie without a base is my EXACT skin tone color so it blends in and is invisible on me. That sounds like a bad thing but actually it is nice for blending out shadows. Ice Angel is the best out of this palette. It is very shimmery and duo chrome like. It looks amazing in the tear duct area or applied over other shadows to give them a shimmery finish. Suburbia was one of the shadows I was most excited about but overall it did not perform how I envisioned. I thought it would be a beautiful color to use to smoke out a dark eye and give it that "grungy" look. I tried doing that in the look below but without having much base or packing the color on it tended to just blend away into nothing. I am going to try using it packed on as a lid color to see how if it performs that way. Home Sweet Home is the second best in this palette in my opinion. It is a beautiful pastel blue. Very opaque and easy to work with. Castle on the Hill was super pretty and exciting to me but it ended up being similar to Suburbia with the color blending away. I tried really packing it into the crease but every time I tried blending it would disappear. The Inventor is great color. I feel that the finish (frosted sheen) makes it easier to work with.
Overall I can say I am disappointed in this palette. While the shades in this palette are gorgeous I found that certain ones were too dusty and did not adhere well or were not really able to be blended. The look below I really had to pack on and keep adding more color and not blend very much. It was a pretty look when I was finished but it was hard to achieve. I also did a smoky eye just using Castle on the Hill and it did perform somewhat better over a thicker base of NYX Jumbo pencil but I still had similar issues blending it out. I know that this palette is described as a neutral which obviously the colors are going to be different than Sugarpill's usual bold and bright colors but it is the formula, finish and texture that I feel are way below in standards compared to the other pressed shadows in Sugarpill's line.
Am I upset about this purchase? Nope. If I did not end up buying this palette I would have regretted it forever. The what ifs would have driven me insane. I will probably use a few of the shadows in this palette and if after a couple months I end up not using it enough I have daughters who are slowly getting into makeup and because the colors are so muted this would probably be good for them.

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  1. I definitely agree with you on this palette. I had the same experience as you did with Suburbia and Castle On The Hill but, I still enjoy it I just have to work a little harder to get those to show up. The others though are lovely! Ice Angel is so pretty and I also don't regret buying it because I too would be kicking myself for not getting it since it's limited edition. I think I've been spoiled to Sugarpill's other pressed shadow formulas so, I was expecting the same from this one.