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Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I had been seeing Colourpop all over my Instagram feed for MONTHS . I was intrigued but never placed an order because I was in a makeup buying rut. Going to Phamexpo a few months ago got me excited about makeup again so I decided to place a Colourpop order. First off I was SO impressed with their prices, Most items are $5! What also impressed me was that free shipping was offered on orders $30 or more. Most websites are at least $50 or more. Then to top that all off they offered a $5 off coupon code for new customers! I was sold! I have been all about lipstick lately so I decided to get Lippie Stix. That was the easy part. Colourpop has SO MANY color and finishes to choose from. It took me a few days to google swatches and pictures but I finally narrowed it down to 6 Lippie Stix. My order shipped pretty quick. Colourpop is based in California so shipping was only a couple days after my order was processed. It was about a week total wait time. When I got my order I noticed that I was sent Fighter in a lip liner instead of a Lippie Stix. I emailed Colourpop because from my order form I could not tell if I mistakenly ordered it in a pencil or if they made the mistake. I got a response within an hour with a free code to order a Fighter Lippie Stix. They let me keep the lip liner and I received the right product within a week! Great customer service. I was highly impressed!

 Colourpop Lippie Stix are a slim tube lipstick, they contain 1 oz. of product and each has a matching lip liner available. The wording on the website had me a bit confused, at first I thought that a lip liner
came free with each Lippie Stix but that was not the case. There are over 95 different Lippie Stix to choose from on their website!
 I chose Heart On ( cool toned magenta in matte finish), Brunch (mid tone coral in satin finish), Wifey (bright lavender pink in satin finish), Tootsi (grey beige in matte finish), Charm (minty green in satin finish) and Leather ( blackened violet in matte finish)
I am freaking in LOVE with the texture and finish of all of these Lippie Stix. I prefer them over any other brand of lipstick that I own. They are fabulous! Out of these 6 my absolute favorite is Tootsi. It has become my everyday lipstick. It is such a pretty nude type color. It reminds me of Melt Laced but Laced it darker. Brunch was not really a shade that is flattering to my skin tone but I had to get it because of the name. Charmed was also a color that is not really suited for me but I wanted to get it so I could see how opaque and pigmented the more "wild" shades were. Leather is my 2nd favorite out of the bunch. It is a great dark vampy color.

 Overall I LOVE LOVE LOVE these Lippie Stix. I cant wait to order more! I want to try other Colourpop products too. Especially the eye shadows and highlighters. Colourpop seems to be a great company with affordable products, a huge range of products and great customer service. I am extremely pleased with my experience and cant wait to order more!

What are your favorite Colourpop products? Any recommendations?

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  1. I adore Colour Pop. Their liquid matte formula is great on me. I especially love Sundae.