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Monday, July 8, 2013

Sugarpill Sparkle Baby

 This collection of pressed shadows is the reason I went to PHAMExpo. Sugarpill announced they were going to be premiering these at PHAME and I about died. I wanted to go to PHAME originally but couldn't really justify buying tickets and spending money on makeup. That was until Sugarpill said Sparkle Baby was going to be available. Then I went into psycho mode. I whined to my husband about how I was going to miss getting these and have to wait. To my surprise he said that we should go to PHAME. Woooooooooot, for awesome husbands!! Fast forward to the day of PHAME. We got in and went RIGHT to the Sugarpill booth. I was a bit sad these were not in a palette but actually it works out better since I depotted all of my Sugarpill and now they live together in a big magnetic palette.

That back of the boxes are SO CUTE! >:D

Each pressed shadow was $12. I got all four of course. I am really loving the white packaging. It looks so clean and fresh.

Each shade swatched nicely. They have a great texture and applied opaque. These definitely have the same quality as the other pressed Sugarpill shadows. I am so excited about these because they are lighter shades which will work awesome with the darker shades from the Heart collection.

I will be posting an look using these tomorrow so make sure you come back. Also make sure you enter my current giveaway to win a limited edition Chromalust by Sugarpill!

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  1. OMG! I can't wait til this is available online!

  2. Gorgeous! I can hardly wait until I have my eyes on Frostline and Candy Crush!

  3. I want them all O_O I've been so into light/pastel colors lately!

    1. I am just really excited to use these with the darker colors!!

  4. Hello! I've linked to this post on my own blog right here: http://pennythree.blogspot.dk/2013/12/nskesl-anno-2013.html - I didn't wanna steal your pictures, so I thought I'd just link to this post instead. If you want me to take it down, I gladly will, let me know! Loving this entry, I'm unspeakably excited about Sparkle Baby. I just wish it'd come out already D:.