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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Morphe Brushes Review and FOTD

Please note that the items below were obtained free of charge for blogging purposes.
 As you all know from my PHAMExpo blog post, I had the pleasure of visiting the Morphe Brushes booth recently. Before PHAME I received a promotional email from Morphe saying I should stop by their booth and build a 4 pan eye shadow palette for free. I had forgotten all about that email during PHAME and only stopped by the booth because of the HUGE selection of brushes they had on display. I was in brush heaven!! I could have spent a small fortune on new brushes but sadly I had spent almost all of my fun money earlier in the day so I only picked out a few. I decided on a few more odds and ends and then at the checkout I handed my blogger media/press sheet to the guy working the booth who then brought over Linda who was a complete doll! She told me I could have my whole basket for free and also let me pick the 4 pan eye shadow palette.

You can check out Morphe makeup paletttes here and individual shadows here.
The individual shadows are only $2 each. Super bargain!

 I decided to build a neutral palette. I know that is odd since I am normally so colorful but I am finding there are certain neutrals I am missing in my collection. I actually only have two neutral palettes, one is primarily matte and the other is shimmer. Anyhow I wanted to get some darker, smoky purple and red based neutrals.

Intense Reddish Brown
This color over a base is such a different color than without!

 Burgundy with Red Shimmer

Muted Blackish Brown

I can't find this one on their site, their 45 is purple, this could be 20

I have to say I am floored by the quality of these shadows. I have an 88 palette and a neutral palette by other private label companies and the quality is quite blah so I thought these may not be that great but I was wrong. They have really nice pigmentation, they blend easily and the texture is really smooth. I really like these colors I picked, they are very warm and rich. The magnetic palette is $4.99 for a 4 pan and available here. I plan on building a big neutral palette for my MUA kit soon.

I used the entire palette for the look below

Here is a little more information about Morphe Brushes from their website:

Morphe Brushes specializes in high-quality makeup brushes without the name-brand cost! We are a company that has been manufacturing and importing makeup brushes for many years now. From start to finish, we are here for our customers every step of the way. Our staff is specially trained and has the knowledge to help guide you through every professional makeup brush purchase. All of our products are handmade and all carry warranties. Whether you are ordering from our open stock catalog or creating an entirely private line of make up products, turn to Morphé brushes, the leader in quality, price, and customer satisfaction. With us, you will find the premier quality brushes at the lowest prices on the beauty and skin care markets.
Enjoy our extensive line of beautiful brushes and makeup brush sets! We have many brushes for foundation, eyes, cheeks and lips! And don't forget the accessories! Take the time to browse our website and find out for yourself just how wide and diverse our inventory is. We are confident that you will find what you are looking for. For example, our eye make up brushes cannot be beat for selection with the five kinds eye blending, eye defining, eye liner, eye shadow and eye smudge we offer. The brushes are exceptionally durable and made of either sable, goat, synthetic, or italian badger bristle. So what are you waiting for? Experience the Morphé brushes difference today. We also accept Private Labeling and wholesale. Please feel free to contact us.
                       Metal Eyelash Definer - $3.89
                     I got this for my MUA kit because it is metal it can be sanitized easily.

I am a sucker for any type of crease brush. I love them. This brush is badger and is really great.
It is a very cheap alternative to my favorite MAC #222 and Hakuhodo crease brush.
I used it in the look above in the crease and to blend.

I also got this brush for my MUA kit.

In addition to my addiction to buying crease brushes I also have an addiction to brush cleaning supplies. I love trying new things. This cleaner caught my eye because of the disinfection properties. All of the brush cleansers I have do not contain anything that will disinfect my brushes so I normally spray them down with alcohol after washing. I used this spray as a disinfectant after washing.

Lastly I got this rad leopard brush apron. I have been doing a lot more MUA work and thought this would be nice to use instead of the brush roll I have been using. It can hold a TON of brushes and tools and is made of plastic so it can be wiped down and sanitized easily. I cant find this style on the Morphe site but they have a wide variety of  brush aprons and holder to choose from. Check it out here.

My overall opinion of Morphe Brushes and their products is a good one. I really love their eye shadows and their brushes are great and CHEAP! I plan on shopping again with Morphe Brushes very soon. I want to try a ton of other brushes and other items. You can shop online with Morphe Brushes or you can visit their retail shop at 616 Victory Blvd. in Burbank, CA. I am fairly local so I hope to check out their retail shop soon!

Thanks so much to Linda from Morphe Brushes for the goodies! Also check back VERY soon because Linda and I are collaborating on a giveaway for you all! You won't want to miss it!

Thanks for reading,
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