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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hypercolor by Anastasia Beverly Hills

 What is it?  Instant, intense wipe on-wash off color for your brows and hair.
Description from the Anastasia website:
Wipe on, wash out color. Instant Gratification. Get an intense flash of color without dyeing, bleaching, or spending hours in the salon.
Apply to brows with an angled brush or rub the powder onto the tips of your hair or streak it for outrageously fabulous looks that wash out with ease. Set with hair spray when applying to hair or Brow Gel with applying to the brows. INTENSE color without dyeing or bleaching.
Works on all hair colors.
Most shades perfect for hair and brows.

 How much is it? $12.50 for each color ( This product was sent to me for blogging purposes)

 Handy dandy instructions on how to apply to hair and brows
Where to buy it? http://www.anastasia.net . You can also go here to find local retailers.

 What is it supposed to do? Give intense hues on hair and brows without bleaching.
 What does it really do?  This product definitely lives up to it's claims. The  powders were bold and covered nicely when used on my brows. The powder covered my dark brown roots fully and also gave great coverage on my daughters naturally red hair.

Teal Tornado

In The Pink 
(in the pink is not for use around the eye, I am a rebel)

Electric Blue

Megawatt Green

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet, Electric Blue and In The Pink in my daughters hair
 Overall thoughts? My overall thoughts are that this product is amazing. I am in LOVE with it. I have never found anything except the Violet Klean Color eyeliner that works well on my brows. These powders all worked nicely. I do think that Megawatt Green and In The Pink are a bit light and would look better on someone with lighter colored brows. I think if you started with a white eyeliner pencil on your brows and then did the powder over they would work on dark brows though. I use the powders over some clear brow gel. I also tried the teal with no gel and it was opaque and looked good. It looked more soft and natural when used without gel.
             As for hair powder this product blew me away. I never expected it to work. I tried hair chalking before and figured this would be similar. Not even close. Lately the roots of my hair are not holding the color as well as the rest of my hair. What happens is the teal/purple fades off and leaves me with light brown roots around my face. It looks awful. I was dying the roots once a week which is a pain in the butt. I added the Teal Tornado powder to my hair and it covered the roots AWESOME!! I just spritzed my hair with a little water and then brushed the powder on with a big blush brush. Afterward I added a light spray of hairspray. The powder stayed all day and was still on 24 hours later. I tried the powders on my daughters hair. Her hair is naturally red. I would have figured the colors would be muted because of her hair color but they were very vibrant. She also slept and the color was still vibrant the next morning. One thing I do not love is the shape of the containers. To apply the hair powder you press the whole container against your hair and a slide it down. If the product was a flatter square it would make it easier to apply. All the powders washed out of brows and hair very easily.
         I think this product is ingenious, the quality is great and the pricing is average. I will definitely be using the teal and purple on my hair in between touch ups. The teal has also became my new brow color!

Have you tried Hypercolors by Anastasia Beverly Hills? If so, what did you think?

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  1. I need this in my life!!! I have always wanted brightly colored hair, but I am too chicken to commit just yet, so this is perfect! Is the kit for sale or just the colors individually?

  2. Oh Wow I am in love with this set. I have a very large chunk of hair that I dye different bright colors all the time..this set would be awesome:)

  3. Greaty product, so sweet colours....
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  5. Does it transfer/run? Does it get on your skin or clothes when/if you sweat or get wet let's say from drizzle/rain???
    When you or your daughter slept in it, did it transfer to the pillow??

    1. Ann Marie, After sleeping the pink did transfer a little bit to her neck. There was nothing on the pillows. I would imagine the color would run if it got wet only because it is not a waterproof product