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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe Mascara

What is it? Cover Girl Last Blast Luxe mascara in Black Royale
How much is it? $6.99 ( I had a $2 off coupon so I paid $4.99)
Where to buy it? Target, Wal- Mart, Drug Stores, Grocery Stores, Ulta
 What is it supposed to do? The blackest black LashBlast formula, now tinted with Luxe shimmers. The giant Luxe brush helps blast lashes to their biggest, boldest, and most beautifully shimmering.

Naked Eye
  What does it ACTUALLY do? This mascara did give me bigger and bolder lashes with a hint of shimmer. It applied nicely with out clumping. I applied two coats. You can't see the shimmer very much on the top lashes but it is visible on the lower lashes.

Two coats of Lash Blast Luxe
  Overall thoughts?  I like this mascara. It is probably one of the best I have tried in the last year. I like the big brush spoolie quite a bit. The formula is really nice as well, it doesn't clump and the hint of shimmer is a nice touch. This mascara also washed off very easily using my Neutrogena makeup remover/face wash. It also passed the makeup wipe remover test. I think at $6.99 it is a good buy. I may end up trying some of the other Lash Blast mascaras in the near future.

Have you tried Cover Girl Lash Blast Luxe mascara? If so what did you think?

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