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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Amanda's Scents and Dreams Review

            I recently received a package of samples from Amanda's Scents and Dreams. I posted on my facebook that my face was really dried out from the sun and someone suggested I check out Amanda's Scents and Dreams. It was quite a coincident because I had messaged Amanda earlier asking about a blogger package.  My package arrived very quickly. One of the samples was smashed and leaked but everything else was intact.
             In my package was Lip Scrub, Natural Oil Cleanser,  Sea Salt Body Scrub, Brown Sugar/Oatmeal Face Scrub, Clay Milk Mask and Peppermint Foot Soak. I quickly loaded everything onto the shelf next to my jacuzzi tub so I would remember to use them right away. I actually got my husband to try everything too!

2 oz for $6.50
Gently scrubs away your dry chapped lips and help replenish the moisture in them. Made with only all natural ingredients and NO preservatives, It will be made to order and should be used within 2 months! Ingredients: Brown sugar, organic coconut oil, and honey
 ( photo is property of Amanda's Scents and Dreams)
     My husband and I both really liked this scrub. We had decently dry, chapped lips at the time and used the scrub. It left our lips smooth and moisturized. It had a very sweet "taste" to it and smelled REALLY good.

1 oz for $5.00

              ( photo is property of Amanda's Scents and Dreams)
The lower half of my face was extremely dry and this cleanser cleared it up within a day. This cleanser is all oil based and is to be used following the "Oil Cleansing Method" which I have done before. I liked this a lot and it did moisturize my face very well but for me it is too time consuming to be a daily wash. A few years ago when I used this method it REALLY helped my face. I was blemish free and my face looked and felt great but I stopped because it was a bit messy and took too much time for me. 

4oz for $10
    This is a great addition to your shower routine! This is an all natural face scrub made with ground oatmeal and brown sugar blended together to make an AMAZING scrub to help remove dead uneven skin from your face and reveal refreshing new beautiful skin underneath!
   ( photo is property of Amanda's Scents and Dreams)
  I had to keep reminding myself this isn't food. It smelled heavenly. It scrubbed my face gently and left it feeling smooth. I really liked this scrub and plan to buy a full size.

4oz for $10
           ( photo is property of Amanda's Scents and Dreams)
My husband and I both liked this scrub a lot. We had been spending a lot of time outside doing yard work so this scrub felt great after a long day. It exfoliated well and left our skin looking renewed.

 1 soak for $3.50
 This is a product that most people can't live with out! If you have rough dry feet then this is the product you need! Soaking your feet in this will help slough off dead dry skin! Ingredients are dead sea salts which help pull out toxins and the peppermint essential oils help cool the feet and give you a relaxed feeling. Included with the foot soak is directions to use it, but also 3 green tea bags! You steep the green tea and soak your feet in the green tea and the peppermint foot soak! Green tea in a foot soak is an anti fungal so it is a great way of keeping athletes foot at bay!
      ( photo is property of Amanda's Scents and Dreams)
I loved this soak! I have a foot product fetish. I like to try all the lotions, soaks, scrubs and other things out there. This left my feet feeling refreshed and renewed.

               I asked Amanda to tell us a little about herself, here is what she had to say.

I am a single mother of four little boys. I strive to create products with as few chemical additives as possible. I am certified as an Aromatherapist and I am now working on my certification as an Herbalist. My product line has expanded to include everything from candles, herbs, salves, to complete gift baskets. I love the things of our earth and believe that there is a correlation between chemicals and our well being. To that end, I have created products that you can use safely and with confidence.

       Overall I am happy with all the products I received. I really liked the scrubs and thought the oil cleanser was really great. If I was to use the oil cleansing method in the future I would mix my own since it is easy and a cheaper route ( I used to make my own lip balms and have the oils needed for this method on hand. Castor Oil can be a bit tricky to find so buying a premade cleanser may be more ideal for others). I do plan on buying a full size Brown Sugar and Oatmeal scrub and I want to try some of the lip balms, solid perfumes and tarts soon. Have you tried Amanda's Scents and Dreams? If so what did you think? What is to your favorite product?

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