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Thursday, May 31, 2012

MAC Casual Color Lip and Cheek Colour Pots

          My wonderful, awesome makeup sensei Lisa got her goodies from the MAC Casual Colour collection today and she was kind enough to take pics, swatches and share her opinion with me. She is a sweetheart and told me I could share with you all too! Thank you Lisa!!

Weekend Getaway and Evening Stroll
These 2 are much more pigmented colors than the other lip and cheek colour pots.
 Lazy Sunday, Relaxation and Have A Lovely Day
             I think this is fairly good representation of their real color... Have A Lovely Day is not nearly as pink as some swatches have made it look. It is very similar in color to Tarte Exposed blush & TT Neapolitan Lane. Relaxation is a fairly muted color too, which I didn't expect but I really like it. The containers of these are not glass. They are really similar in size to the Sleek Pout Polish...the container is just a tiny bit smaller in diameter but they are a bit bigger in their height.

Lazy Sunday, Relaxation, Have a Lovely Day, Weekend Getaway and Evening Stroll
2 swipes per swatch 
          Lazy Sunday on cheek and Have A Lovely Day on lips. I wanted to test out Have a Lovely Day to see if it would end up pinker when worn .Nope it didnt. It's pretty much nude, but its a really wearable nude, it is not too light or too fleshy toned so that you look dead.

         I decided that I needed a bit more pink to balance out my eyeshadow... Cheeks: Lazy Sunday --> added some Relaxation . Lips: Have a Lovely Day ---> added some Relaxation.The combo of those 2 on the lips is really nice. They mix well so you can sorta tweak out some custom colors. I would recommend these in general more for lipcolor, but I think they also work really nicely on the cheeks if you can handle your cheeks feeling slightly moisturized to the touch.... I'm sure you could set them with a powder if you wanted to and that would go away.
        I would classify Have a Lovely Day as more of a pink-beige-brown. As blush they actually look quite natural. At first they're a bit shiny and moist feeling but they dry down pretty quickly. I wouldnt say they feel sticky or oily at all, like when i touch my cheek now it just feels a bit moisturized. As a lip color they're very comfortable to wear, at first they feel like a lip balm and are a bit shiny/slippery sorta like a cremesheen or lustre but after 20 minutes or so they dry down into feeling more like the kissable lipcolors which are very lightweight.

Thank you Lisa for your opinions! You are awesome!!!