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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lime Crime Coquette Lipstick

          I finally got my hands on a Lime Crime lipstick!!! I participated in a swap last month in one of my makeup groups and my awesome friend Kelsey sent me this beauty, Coquette!! I have wanted to try a lipstick from Lime Crime for MONTHS so when I opened my package and seen this I was so excited! Even more excited when I seen it was a nude lippie!!!!
          First I have to comment on the freaking adorable packaging! Super cute! Lime Crime lipsticks come in 15 different colors ranging from "normal" colors like red and pink to "crazy" colors like yellow and mint. I love me some crazy!!! These lipsticks are a bit pricey at $15.99 but they are vegan and cruelty free so that is a plus. They are super high quality in my opinion so the price tag is justified.
         Coquette is described as a pale opaque, peachy-nude.  I found this description to be true. On my lips it was pretty light and less peachy than I would have liked though. The formula is very smooth and has a nice taste and smell to it. This lipstick says it is opaque and it sure is. It glided on with full coverage with one swipe over my lips. 

 Coquette with flash
Coquette in natural light

Coquette with flash

Coquette in natural light

Coquette in the sunlight

      My overall thoughts on this lipstick is that I love the formula, it is great. The color is REALLY nice but still a touch to light for my skin tone so the search for the perfect nude lippie is still on. I totally want to try more of the lipsticks offered by Lime Crime, espescially some of the more daring colors! I am also dying to try some of their pressed palettes they recently unveiled. Sadly I am on a STRICT no buy for awhile so all splurges must wait! I am compiling a list of things I MUST have when my no buy is up though. What Lime Crime lipsticks do you think I need?? What Lime Crime lipsticks are your fave? If you have a pic or swatch please link below in the comments!


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  1. I love this shade but it would never look good on me. I want to try lime crime soon. Thanks for posting :)

    1. It is a bit light for me. I will post a full face shot soon. I tend to like colors that are not right for me LOL

  2. i wanted to try this badly but if it's too light for YOU it DEFINITELY will be too light for ME lol. wish i had it smoewhere to swatch it!


  3. love it!! i need more lime crime lipsticks!!!