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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss

   Lately I have had a hard time buying myself stuff. Usually I just think of all the other ways that money could be used and end up using it on something other than myself. Well I had a Target gift card and I was determined to use it for what it was intended for. ME!!! I got some much needed face lotion ( it has been so hot and windy here), some teal organizers for my makeup table and a tube of glittery goodness also know as Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss. I have never purchased or used anything by this company but quite a few of my friends like their glosses,lip pencils and baked blushes so I figured I would give the gloss a try.
          I paid $6.99 and chose Starshine. They had other color choices but I was afraid they would end up being too dark on me so I went with the lighter of the choices.
            I like that the applicator is actually a small brush as opposed to the normal doe foot applicator. This gloss went on pretty easily. It is not too sticky or thick which is nice. The glitter is very fine so you do not feel it too much when you rub your lips together.
              I applied it pretty heavy for this picture and left it on for hours afterward. It held up pretty good even with drinking from a straw. I did expect the gloss to have more of a base color though. This gloss is pretty similar to the Hard Candy gloss that I already have but this one has a lot more glitter in it. The flavor/scent of this gloss is nice.
     I took about a gazillion pictures trying to capture what this gloss looks like. It has an iridescence to it so the look changes depending on the light. It is a really pretty gloss. Overall I am pleased with it and feel like it was a good buy. I do plan on trying some other Milani products soon. Any recommendations on what I should try next???

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  1. The Color Brilliance eye pencils and the infinite lquid liners are amazing. I'd recommend those. Also I love the baked blushes, specifically Luminoso and Corallina. I haven't tried the Lip flash pencils but I've seen swatches and those are lovely too. They're like the Tarte lipsurgences but with more pigmentation.

  2. their baked shadows and blushes are super gorgeous :) i have this gloss too!