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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Spotlight on Pretty Addictions

                   Next up in the spotlight is Pretty Addictions! Kassandra who runs Pretty Addictions sent some wonderful sample packages to be included in the gift bags during the holidays. Thank you so much Kas!!  I have already done an in depth review of Pretty Addictions and interviewed Kas which you can read here. Pretty Addictions is a fabulous company and is coming up on its 1 year anniversary in March!! Kas hosts awesome contests and other fun things on the Pretty Addictions facebook page. Check it out!! Kas also has a great blog which includes Pretty Addiction news plus she reviews other brands and companies.

            I placed my order, got the shipping notice within hours and my package was here 2 days later. It does not get any faster than that folks. My previous order also was in my hands within 2 days of ordering. Kas really has her shipping time down pat. That is something I really love about this company.
           Another thing I love is the great packaging. Kas really glams up each package. Everything is wrapped, sealed and glamified to perfection. My previous order was also packaged beautifully. I love this!!

             I paid $17 for this order. I chose a luminizer, 6 clamshell samples and I got a free 5 gram pot of Darkness because my order was over $15. Pretty Addictions always offers a free pot of pigment when your order is over $15. That is a very nice touch. I also received 6 samples baggies of some new colors.

              Pricing for pigments varies from $1.25 clamshell sample, $3.50 for a 5 gram pot and $5.50 for a 10 gram pot. That is a bargain!! Blush, Luminizer and Bronzer pricing also varies from $2.00 sample to $7.50 for a 20 gram jar. They are also now offering pressed shadows!!!!!!!! I seriously need to pick some of these up when I am not broke!!!
              Pretty Addictions currently offers over 60 different mineral pigments and has recently added jewelry to their product line. I have also seen on the facebook page they will be adding some hair accessories soon!

              I realized after swatching that I already own Obnoxious. Duh. Oh well, I love the teal so it will be put to good use. The colors that really caught my eye were Gossip, Tickled Mermaid and Royal Rebel. So pretty!!!

Swatches sunbathing <3

             I have been using Urban Decay Skimp as a highlighter/ luminzer on my face. It is a small size shadow and I love it for blending out the top edge of my eye makeup and right under my brow so I figured I should stop using it all over my face and save it for that. Kas has talked about Shattered Pearls here and there and said it is what she uses all the time. Her face looks amazing so I thought I would give it a try. I paid $7.50 for a 20 gram jar.
             I really like this so far.  I really can't get good pictures of things on my face for some reason . Any tips? Usually it just looks like my plain pale face when I am trying to take blush/bronzer/luminzer pics.

          My overall thoughts on this company are pretty much the same as my last review. IT ROCKS. Fabulous product, insane fast shipping time and it is run by a VERY generous girl. What more could you ask for!! If you have not placed an order with Pretty Addictions yet you are missing out!!! Get on it!! I would really love if my readers would help support the companies who donated and were so kind during the holidays with the gift bags.

Thanks so much for reading!!!