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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween..........Family Style!

                     I took on the task of makeup artist for my family this Halloween. In the end I spent over 4 hours on makeup and hair. YIKES!! In the end it was so worth it. The kids were so happy with their makeup and costumes and that is all that matters!!

Everyone trick or treating.

I used a tutorial by goldiestarling for this look but my laptop 
died in the middle of it so I winged the rest.
I used some fake skin from Party City to create the gashes. 
Inside of them I applied Bulletproof and Love + from Sugarpill and then
topped it off with fake blood. For the entire face I mixed white cream makeup
with foundation and applied it with a sponge. I did not have any powder to
set the makeup so I used cornstarch. Around the eyes I used Bulletproof, Poison
Plum and Love+ all by Sugarpill.

This is my makeup before I added glitter and got dressed. I hate how the face makeup applied.
Any tips on getting a smooth clean look when using white cream makeup?
After I started applying I realized I should have used a face primer.

For my makeup I also based it off of a tutorial on You Tube but I used different colors.
I used my normal foundation mixed with white cream makeup for my face. My wounds are
fake skin from Party City filled in with Bulletproof, Love+ by Sugarpill and some fake blood.
On my eyes I used Poison Plum and blended it out with Love+. To make the vein/cracks I used
NYX liquid eyeliner. My lashes are Red Cherry #199 . My lips are a mix of NYX Halloween
lipstick in black and Moi Minerals lipgloss.

My little kitty <3
She was a huge grump most of the night but she did pose for one picture!

I penciled on his eyebrows and then took this pic. Afterwards he wanted the mustache off
because he did not like it so I brushed on a big mustache using Pur Minerals gel liner.

I used all Love+ by Sugarpill for this look. I applied with a fluffy shadow brush and then used
a big fluffy face brush to blend it out. I used my Jordana Fabuliber eyeliner pen to draw the 
ladybug spots. Lips are a Maybelline stain in Feelin' Rosy .

Everyone at dinner.

For this look I used a combo of yellows. I should have just used Buttercupcake by
Sugarpill but I did not think of it until I had already did the eyes. I used
Virus Insanity Bite Me, a yellow from my 88 palette, a random yellow neon and
 Buttercupcake on the eyes. The cheeks are Buttercupcake and the lips are
Indiegurrl Cosmetics lip frosting in yellow.

I used a flat eyeliner brush and Pur Minerals gel liner on the mustache and beard.
This picture seriously makes me die laughing LOL.

 Me and my husband <3
Overall it was a fabulous Halloween! I had so much fun doing the makeup.
I can't wait until next year!! If you dressed up, link me to pictures!!
I wanna see!!!


  1. Adorable pics, you have such a beautiful family! I love the makeup you did for them all, everyone looks fabulous!

  2. Everyone looks so awesome! You did an amazing job. Are those all your kids??? Wow! And holy Adorable Batman! Everyone is so adorable!

  3. Wow your makeup looks great, I think the foundation not applying perfectly added to the look. Very cute kids, their makeup looks great too you did really good! :)