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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Noella Beauty Works Review

I recently purchased a blogger/review set from Noella Beauty Works.
I was very impressed as I browsed through the etsy shop.

I received my package promptly with every thing packaged beautifully.
The attention to detail on the packaging is wonderful.
I love it!!
The blogger/review set cost $4.99 plus shipping.
It included:
( description taken from product listing)
FOUR mini eyeshadows (3 gram jars, with 0.5 grams of product)
- ONE full eyeshadow (5 gram jar, with 1 gram of product)
- A Sampler Pack (4 eyeshadow samples in baggies, 2-4 uses), picked by me.
-3 Blush Samples (Spice Berry, Raspberry Sugar, Pink Primrose
The pigments came wrapped in a satin bag!

Inside the sample pack was the blush sampler and 4 samples.
The way this blush sampler is packaged is genius!
So simple but it looks so neat!!

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Mango Berry  Wildberry
Parsely  Ultra Glam
Wild Grape  Pink Gerbera
I love the color names!
Simple, Fresh and they sound pretty.
Really the whole theme of this shop screams fresh and pretty to me.

The colors that stood out to me were Mango Berry, Parsley and Pink Gerbera
Color descriptions taken from the product listing.
Mango Berry - A beautiful, summery bright orange with
very strong pink undertones. Perfect for all eye colors, but especially browns.
Pink Gerbera-  
A perfectly bright pink color with soft violet and red undertones.
intense hot pink when worn wet, but can be worn lightly for a less intense, softer pink.
A medium, earthy green. An awesome color for green and hazel eyes. 
Parsley has a beautiful sheen and a moderate shimmer.
The pigments applied well, were opaque and blended easily.
5 gram jars are $5.99
5 gram color of the week for $2.99
Noella Beauty Works also offers a nice variety
of sample packs here.

First look-
I used Ultra Glam in the tear duct area, Parsley all over the lid with Wild Berry
and Grape in the crease blended up and over

Here I used the Pink Primrose blush on my cheeks.
This makeup really made me feel pretty in a natural fresh way!

Second look -
Here I used Mango Berry,  Pink Gerbera and Parsley

I used Peaches blush on my cheeks here.

The blushes are FANTASTIC!!
I love each one! They applied evenly and felt nice
and light on my face.
Once again, I love the names.
Color descriptions taken from the product listings.
Pink Primrose is a medium, girly pink with subtle magenta undertones.
Spice is a pretty pink with strong orange & peachy undertones.
Raspberry Sugar is a soft, rosy pink with extremely soft 
and muted purple/maroon undertones.
 I could not find a description for peaches.

Pink Primrose on my cheeks again.

Overall thoughts?
I really like this company.
Great products, Great Packaging, Average Pricing.
Noella Beauty Works carries a nice variety of products including
pigments, blushes, lip balms, color correctors and foundations.
I am ordering full size blushes soon!

( Jackie, the owner and creator of Noella Beauty Works let me know that
normally all samples and pots have printed labels with ingredients
but she was currently having issues with her printing software)

Have you tried Noella Beauty Works?
If so what is your favorite product?


  1. All these make me thing fresh and springy. I'm off to check out the shop right now

  2. This is such a nice company :)

    It has nice products, decent prices and Jackie's customer service is awesome.

    Thank you to you lovely lady for reviewing the lesser known indie brands :)
    ( I love the first EOTD slightly better on you )

  3. I love your first look with the purple and teal!