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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Moi Minerals Cosmetics Review, Swatchfest, EOTD and Giveaway!

The lovely Holly at Moi Minerals recently put together an awesome
blogger/review package for me.
The cost for this package was $10
First off, the packaging is incredible.
Everything was wrapped and bagged beautifully.
You can tell a lot of time and effort went into it.

 Let's start with what was in this little box.
I have not used these yet because I am not familiar with how to use
this type of product. I have always used a liquid or mousse foundation and 
concealer. Any tips?
Inside the adorable pillow box was a BUNCH of samples!
 Labeling is fantastic with ingredients clearly listed!
 Inside the organza bag was 4 pots of pigment.
 Maria       Spank Me
Pink Pearls     Panic  
 Great packaging and labeling again!
 Sifter seals for the win!!
 Samples all potted up.

 All of the colors had great texture and went on easily.
Goldenrod, Maria, Buffy and Onya were the ones that caught my eye out of the bunch.
Booo... I dropped the whole pot of limelight on my lap. R.I.P

Color descriptions taken from the product listing.
Goldenrod - Bright shimmery golden yellow
Maria - Metallic yellow/green
Onya - Light shimmer peach
Buffy -deep dark turquoise green with just enough shimmer

Out of this bunch I really liked Pink Pearls, Angel Eyes,Hi Five,Spank Me 
and Bell Flower.

Color descriptions taken from the product listing.
Bell Flower -Blue that has color shifters
Spank Me - Sparkly Dark Blue
Angel Eyes - Soft pink
Pink Pearls - Soft Shimmery Pink

Overall I like all these colors. They applied well and blended easily even
though they are quite shimmery.
Pricing is $5 for a 5 gram jar or $10 for a 10 gram jar.
I found quite a few different sample packs.
You can get a free sample here.

In the other organza bag was 3 Lip Love Potions.
Description taken from product listing.
These Lip Potions I have made from all natural oils, offering a light weight smooth gloss that's not sticky
 Once again, the ingredients clearly listed.
 This lip potion is very creamy and soft which I like.
Lip Potions come in a 3 gram jar and cost $3.99


#1 was a bit too light for me but is lovely for adding a white shimmer
on top of other colors.

I really liked #2

#10 was my favorite as I am partial to oranges with golden tones lately.

Overall thoughts?
I really like this company.
The products are very well made and  wonderful to use.
The packaging is SUPERB.
Pricing is average.
Website and the Etsy shop are both easy to navigate.
Moi Minerals carries a full line of cosmetics and supplies including
eye pigments, mineral foundations, blushes, lip products,
brushes and more.
The only down side to this company is that they are located in
Canada so shipping to the states makes for a bit longer wait.
If you are a patient person than this will not be an issue <3

Have you tried Moi Minerals?
What is your favorite product?
How was your experience with Moi Minerals?

Fun stuff time!!!
Holly very generously donated this 
Play Hard, Rock Harder collection
that will be given away to one lucky follower!

Please note that shipping time from Canada is currently
longer than normal due to the postal service striking.

How to enter:
Once again because this prize is being donated there will be extra steps to enter

You must to all 4 of these things to enter.

1. Be a follower on this blog
4. Browse Moi Minerals website or etsy shop and tell me what product you would love to try.

Once you have done all 4 comment ENTER below.
This giveaway will end on Sunday, June 12th.

I want to thank all of you who read my blog. You are all awesome.
Also Thank you to Holly for this great prize!!


  1. I'm a follower (Sammi), and I like you and Moi on facebook (Also under Sammi S.).. If I had a choose a product to try, the Pluto eyeshadow looks gorgeous. I love purples, but the name and shade stands out to me the most :D

  2. Enter
    and also would like to say:
    I LOVE MOI, Holly does such an amazing job with everything. Even though shipping may take a bit longer I think it is well worth the wait. I would love to get some of the Lip Love Potions and try.

  3. Follow your blog and like you and Moi on FB...If I could I would love to try the All 7 Dazzlers collection, Play Hard Rock Harder collection, and the Til Death Do Us Part collection! Love those colors!!!

  4. All four done! I really love the lip potion #10 and #4!! I also like Goldenrod...looks like a great yellow!

  5. Check, check, check, and I want to try the lip potions (especially #9 and #10) and the Play Hard, Rock Harder collection looks amazing. <3

  6. Enter :)

    I've been lusting over the color Sinful for a while now. I'd love to try that!

  7. Steps 1, 2 and 3 -- done! I was already a fan of both on Facebook, and follow this blog.
    Step 4 -- I'd love to try Limelights - it's a color I don't really have yet in any of my collections. Lovely!
    I already have MOI Minerals' Risque, Buffy, Cactus, Angel Eyes, Cameron and Flirtatious - my favorite of those five is Cameron.

  8. All requirements completed lovely lady :)

    If I could try only one thing from Holly it would be her Lip Lust collection.

    BTW how goes the search for a new site header?

  9. Enter me please, and I gave you some awards over at my blog. Not bribery, just because I love your swatches and blog :)And I haven't tried Moi yet, but my first order is in the mail, woohoo! I can't wait to try her shadows.

  10. I follow ur blog using GFC- hermelinda valentine
    and both FB pages already lol-hermelinda doniaz
    and i am in love with "red queen" <3 the lip potion #2 is pretty tooooo <3

  11. Thank You Christina,for the review and giveaway. Your lip & eye pictures are amazing!!You would make a perfect lip model ;)
    I wish you much success with your blog.
    xoxo Holly

  12. I already have Risque, Buffy, and Drifter which are all blue-ish colors. I'd like to try some of Moi's other colors like Psycho, Sunset Strip, Bunny Slippers, Pixie, and Limelight. (it sucks that you dropped it!)

    I really hope I win this :)

  13. Great giveaway - love your blog and Moi :D

    All 4 already done :) I already have some of her shadows but I'm dying to try Diego, Risque, Pluto and Cameron.

    GFC - Cheryl
    FB - John Cheryl

  14. I did all 4 things,I was already a fan of Confessions of a glitterholic fb pg..I would love to try the Risque mineral eyeshadow its beautifull!!

  15. Enter! I've done all four. :)
    If I hadn't had just bought something online I would totally buy Diego, Swiss Mocha, Cameron and Spring shadows.
    Those lip potions look really cool, too.

  16. I "like" you and moi minerals on facebook and I follow your bloggy blog. I would love to try "mercy" for the eyes and Lip Potions #10 and #11.

  17. I love the Dazzlers, sometimes you want the shimmer without the glitter! And the Play Hard Rock Harder collection looks like fun!

  18. I like Moi and you and follow your blog, of course :) I went through the site and OMG at first I couldn't choose I like so many of the colors...then I saw Haunted and fell in <3. I-must-have

  19. Been a follower on your blog,have "liked" your fb page, went and "liked" moi mineral cosmetics,and there are alot of nice things she has I would like to try alot! but basically I'm drawn to pink so any of her pink shadows,in her blushes I like bubble yum,feona and brooke,in her lip glosses I'm liking how ballet,lip lust,playful and ruby's on top...

  20. All requirements met! I would love to try the Til Death do Us Part Zombie Collection. I'm a sucker for green and all things zombie.

  21. Done, done & done! I would like to try Lip Potion #4 and Aruba, Brooke & Fiona blushes. They are all so pretty!

  22. Completed all requirements (liked both pages, follow your blog, cuz its awesome)

    I really like the eye colour "Spank me". Its so blue and sparkly! :)

  23. Hi Chris! Did all the requirements! I really LOVE the lip lust lip trix!!! That color is SO FAB and exactly the shade I would wear!!!! LOVE!!! In case this doesnt work, this is Chrissy Murphy Carlberg from fb and on blogger its Glitter & Glam Makeup by Chrissy. xoxoxoxo