PDP Exclusives by Rebecca

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Super Duper Tuesday!

This week I duped the super gorgeous Phyrra!!
She had SO many great looks but I wanted to dupe one of her Sugarpill looks 
because I just got my Sweetheart palette! 
Phyrra used all Sugarpill colors.
Midori, Absinthe & Buttercupcake
Here is my look
I used Buttercupcake, Virus Insanity Carnival Chaos and Midori.
I also used Virus Insanity Blow over the eye to give it some sparkle.
I meant to take a picture with the flash because it looks like flash was used in Phyrra's photo.
Fail!! LOL
Overall I consider this dupe a win! I like the way it came out. 
I tried to keep my shape small and not go too far above the crease like I normally do.
I did go a bit higher than I wanted .
I had quite a bit of fun duping this!!
Thank you Phyrra for letting me use your photo and for requesting me to dupe you!!

Want me to dupe you? Or do you have a look you have seen you want me to dupe?
Let me know!!