PDP Exclusives by Rebecca

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Super Duper Tuesday!

This week I duped the super gorgeous Phyrra!!
She had SO many great looks but I wanted to dupe one of her Sugarpill looks 
because I just got my Sweetheart palette! 
Phyrra used all Sugarpill colors.
Midori, Absinthe & Buttercupcake
Here is my look
I used Buttercupcake, Virus Insanity Carnival Chaos and Midori.
I also used Virus Insanity Blow over the eye to give it some sparkle.
I meant to take a picture with the flash because it looks like flash was used in Phyrra's photo.
Fail!! LOL
Overall I consider this dupe a win! I like the way it came out. 
I tried to keep my shape small and not go too far above the crease like I normally do.
I did go a bit higher than I wanted .
I had quite a bit of fun duping this!!
Thank you Phyrra for letting me use your photo and for requesting me to dupe you!!

Want me to dupe you? Or do you have a look you have seen you want me to dupe?
Let me know!!


  1. Ooo!! Nice dupe, well done! As if, this must be my fav look on you past month or so! :)

  2. Fun! I love seeing how people reinterpret looks!

  3. Looks awesome, and I love seeing it on brown eyes since that's my color too!

  4. Thanks again ladies!! I love duping! It is a lot of fun!