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Monday, March 7, 2011

My Rite Aid Haul!!

I recently went to Rite Aid with the family to get ice cream.
This ritual rocks in so many ways, family time, chocolate chip ice cream and makeup!!
I browsed and found some awesome deals.
I paid $11.98 plus tax for all of that!
Sinful Color nail polishes were buy 1 get 1 50% off and Jane had a TON of stuff on Clearance.
I am not to familiar with Jane but the price was right so I had to try some .
First up, Mineral Lip Balm in White Pearl.
This went on very smooth and sheer which you know I like!
Regular price on this is $4.99. I checked my receipt and they didn't even charge me for this.

I chose this color because I am in need of a good bronzer.
It looked pretty dark in the pot but it actually went on nicely.
Regular price on this is $6.59 but I paid $1.64
This is HEAVILY applied. Obviously you would apply lighter to your face.
I like this so far.
After I got home I noticed this was Wine and not Black.
I wanted to try this and compare it to my $18 Pur Minerals Gel Liner.
I am not a fan of colored liners on the top lid so this will be going in my giveaway pile.
Regular price is $6.59 and I paid $1.64
I almost died of excitement when I see this.
If you read here you know I LOVE Loreal Double Extend mascara.
This the same concept, a primer and a mascara in one.
Regular price on this is $5.49 but I paid $1.37
Both are lower prices then what I normally pay for Loreal Double Extend which is usually around $8-$9.
I bought 2, one for me and one for the giveaway pile!

Primer side of the wands.
I like Jane  better because it is more fluffy and covered the lashed quicker and easier.
Mascara side of the wand.
I liked Loreal better on this one, Their wand is applied the mascara more evenly.

Jane Applied

Loreal Double Extend Applied

My two finished eyes for comparison.
Loreal                                Jane

Both did exactly what they claim. They build lashes up and make them appear longer and fuller.
I did prefer Jane  mascara because it seemed less "goopy" than Loreal.
Both claim to be waterproof. 
The downside to Jane  mascara is that it doesn't just slide off easily with water like Loreals does.
I wiped both eyes with a warm cloth and Loreal came right off while Jane came off but smeared some.

I really like this mascara, If I were you I would run to Rite Aid and see if they have any left. 
At $1.37 it is a freaking steal and a MUST HAVE!
Sinful Colors nail polish has been a favorite of mine for some time! 
So many of their colors call to me!!
I just picked up a few that I HAD to have.
Show me the way

Easy Going

Pinky Glitter

Serena Chloe

I used Easy Going with Pinky Glitter on top with no base or top coat ( I am a lazy minimalist)
It has been 3 days with no chipping!

So I now am a HUGE HUGE fan of browsing Rite Aid's makeup aisle while eating chocolate chip ice cream.
I really recommend everyone doing it at least once a week. Yes, I am a huge enabler!!


  1. Awesome haul and "D'OH!" because I was AT Rite Aid today! LOL!

  2. This is too awesome, what a haul! I love Jane but my Rite-Aid never, ever had deals like that, I kid you not. So unhappy because the one here sucks! :(

  3. That sucks Meg!! I rarely go to Rite Aid or any small drugstore but was glad I did. I might go back tonight to see if there are anymore. I look so icky right now though. Dirty hair, no makeup but I do have tinted eyelids from Sugarpill LOL

  4. OMG. I love your blog. My name's Anna, I'm a stylist and visual merchandiser in LA. I just started my own Fashion site. Check it out for multiple post a day on all things fashion. I'm following, I hope you'll follow back.
    Thanks love. xoxo.


  5. I love Show Me The Way. I've had it for a bit and love layering it over fun shades.

  6. I meant to say fun blue shades.

  7. Easy going is so pretty!! Nice haul, I never go to Rite Aid b/c of the CVS card but now I might need to!