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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Purple and Silver Tutorial

 My friend Katie requested a purple and silver look so I decided to do a tutorial with it.
Let me start off by saying this look can be done to suit your color variations and shape that you like your makeup done in. I tend to like bold, dark colors and a big rainbow shape that covers most of the eye.
 Here is what I used for this look
2 Shadow Brushes ( 1 will work fine, just dust it off in between colors)
1 Fluffy Blending Brush ( Your finger will work for blending)
1 Angled Eye Liner Brush ( needed if you are using a gel liner)
Eyeliner in Purple
Eyeliner in Gray or Silver
Eyebrow Pencil ( optional)
Liquid Or Gel Liner ( optional, if you do not like the look of a top lined lid, skip this)
Eye Primer ( this can also be skipped if you do not have it)
Eye Shadow Base. I used my potted NYX pencil in Milk, you can use concealer or foundation if you want.
 As for colors you want
Light Gray/Silver Matte
Light Purple Matte
Dark Shimmer Purple
Dark Shimmer Gray/Silver
Truthfully any shades will work. You just want to have both light and darks of each color.

Prime your eye and add your base in the shape you want your finished eye to be. I like mine big so I extended my base up to the brow bone. If you like your look to be smaller blend into the crease.
Grab your Light Gray/Silver and your Shadow brush.
Apply to your tear duct area and in towards your eye lid. 
If you plan on keeping your finished look smaller to not pull this color above your crease.

Grab your Light Purple and using the same Shadow Brush apply it directly next to the Light Gray/Silver.
Apply it in a rectangle shape. Again, if you finished look is not going to be as big as mine, keep this color below the crease.

Grab your Dark Shimmer Purple and apply it directly next to the Light Purple.
Apply it in a rectangle shape. Again, if you finished look is not going to be as big as mine, keep this color below the crease.
Now grab your Dark Shimmer Gray/Silver and your other shadow brush ( or wipe your shadow brush off)
 Starting at the outer edge of your eye sweep the color on at an angle. Slowly sweep the brush in towards the Dark Shimmer Purple filling in the space.
If you are keeping your finished eye small you want to only extend the Dark Shimmer Gray/Silver into your crease.
Now it is time to blend!
Go back to your Matte Light Gray/Silver ( grab the shadow brush you used before or dust off your brush)
Apply to the tear duct area and sweep into the Matte Light Purple. This should blend your line out, if not brush back and forth where the two colors meet.

Here is what your eye should look like now.

Dip back into your pot of Dark Shimmer Purple and apply it half way on top of the Dark Shimmer Gray/Silver. Blend the color inwards.

Now we will blend the edges of the look. You can also apply a white highlight color to your brow area if desired. Grab your fluffy brush and apply the white right below the eyebrow. If you are not applying a highlight color you can softly begin to brush back and forth along the top line and outer edge of the look. You can also blend this with your finger by VERY lightly rubbing instead of using the brush.

Grab your Purple and Gray/Silver Liners.
Apply the purple to your waterline.
Apply the Gray/Silver under your eye very thinly.
Use your finger or a smudge brush to blend out the line.

Add some Mascara, Liquid or Gel Liner and Eyebrow Pencil if desire and you are done!

If you have any questions about this tutorial or look please email me at
If there is a look I have done that you would like to see a tutorial on let me know!!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, it's always nice to see how people do their makeup :)
    Look goes really well with your eye colour, I love the open-eye photo at the bottom :)