PDP Exclusives by Rebecca

Friday, March 4, 2011


I was a bit tired ( hungover) this morning so I did not want to do a heavy look.
I ended up using Pink from Antionette's Revolution Cosmetics and Flamepoint from Sugarpill.
 I screwed up my upper liner so I had to do it bigger than I intended.

Now, check this out. Last night was "date" night here. Date night consists of me and the man sitting at the kitchen table drinking beer and playing poker once the kid's go to bed.
He requested white, red, blue and green makeup. All I could imagine was 4th of July or Christmas on my face. It sounded GROSS. I <3 him so I went with it.
 I had to use flash for this picture. I also applied this in a dim room  after having a few drinks. LOL. I was really shocked that this came out decent looking. I went all out and applied green, black and red glitter on top of the pigments.
Tear Duct is a random matte white, the red is Fangs by Virus Insanity, The blue ( looks purple/black) is Space Oddity by Madd Style. The green under the eye is by Virus Insanity but I forgot which one I used =0x

I am planning on doing a photo tutorial for you tomorrow. Is there anything you want to see in particular?


  1. I need a hot but 'classy' look for my moms wedding. Dress is purple and silver, strappy silver shoes....go with it and inspire me PLEASE lol

  2. i LOVE the orange eye of the day!! gorgeous!! might do it tomorrow ;)

  3. I like both of these looks.
    Even if you were hung over or a bit tipsy.



  4. i like both of the looks as well.. i could never ever achieve something like this even without hangover haha :P

  5. In the second look, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lower lash line!! GAH!

  6. Thanks everyone! I was really shocked the second look came out ok. The color combo sounded AWFUL!! LOL

  7. You look that amazing hung over?? Wow!