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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Junky Stuff!!

 I have been disappointed by a few products lately 
and because of that I am going to start a "Junky Stuff" list. 
Think of it as a naughty list, a do not buy list or just a plain " this product sucks" list.
I will not talk smack against a product I have not thoroughly tried out.
With that said, First on the list is..........

Urban Decay Lip Gloss Palette
I won this on eBay and paid about $10
This looked GREAT!! BUT IT SUCKS!!
The glosses are super thick and disgusting in my opinion
They also taste horrible which makes me feel sick since it was from Ebay.
This palette came new in a box.
I have tested out Urban Decay's lip glosses at Ulta and they are UBER sticky which I cant stand.
This palette found a new home today............IN MY TRASHCAN!!!

Ulta Precision Liquid Liner
I am sure you remember me singing the praises of this miracle pen!!
If not read it here
I used this pen the first few times and it was GREAT. Very smooth and solid color.
After that it started getting dry.
I noticed and started storing it tip side down to let the liquid soak into the tip.
Didn't work. It is dry. I am annoyed.
I paid $8.00 for this and it is going to be returned to Ulta tomorrow.

That is all for now!!

Super Duper Tuesday happened to fall on Date Night and I duped myself instead.
I didnt even take pics. What a loser I am!!!
Next Tuesday, I promise!!

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  1. Noooo, why the trashcan??!! I could have adopted it ;)