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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's here, It's here!!!!!

After months of lusting and then over a week waiting for it to arrive....
Burning Heart palette is finally here!!!!

 My package came very well wrapped up in a box. I was SO excited getting this out of my mailbox!!
I got my Burning Heart palette, a sample, a Sugarpill sticker and a little card.
The packaging on these products is just amazing. It is all very professional.
I feel like Sugarpill is in the middle between indie companies that mix at home and major retail store brands.
I like this because you get the quality and expertise of a big company but still get to support a smaller indie company.
Sugarpill's sample packaging is just adorable even though it is still in an
annoying baggie underneath the cuteness .
 My palette came all boxed up!!
This palette cost me $39 shipped which is a lot of money for me to spend on 4 colors of makeup.
I felt foolish when I ordered because I could have spent that money on SO many other things.
I realize now that this makeup is SO worth it!!
The palette is huge! It will last me years easily. The colors are so vibrant and blends easily.

I used the whole palette for this look!!
 Primer - NYX Eyeshadow Base in white
Poison Plum, Love, Flame point, Butter cupcake from the Burning Heart Palette.
 Top Liner - Pur Minerals Gel Liner in Carbon
Lower Liner = Poison Plum, Buttercupcake
Water Line - Klean Color in Violet
 Mascara- Loreal Double Extend in Blackest Black
 Brows - Klean Color in Dark Brown
Face- Maybelline Dream Mousse foundation in Nude
e.l.f Nude lipstick with Bonne Bell gloss on top.

I plan on ordering all of the pressed shadow's from Sugarpill as soon as I can!!!


  1. This look is really cool.
    And different.
    I like it!!



  2. Wonderful! I can hardly wait for my Sugarpill order to get to me!!!!

  3. Thanks so much!! I am loving this. I cant wait to try another look using 1 or 2 of the colors