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Thursday, March 31, 2011

HauteLook - Lorac Haul!!

I recently ordered some Lorac when it was on sale at HauteLook
HauteLook is an awesome shopping site that features sale events on name brand items.
The savings can be pretty significant.
Check it out! They have new sales daily. Things tend to go quickly!!


My order from HauteLook took approx. 11 days to arrive.
They estimated my order to arrive between 17-22 days though.
Hautelook does take some time to ship but overall it is worth it.

Everything was packaged great.

I snagged a Box Office Hit full face palette,two eyeliners and one lip gloss


Box Office Hit retailed for around $35
 ( it appears to have been a limited edition)
but I paid $14.99 on Hautelook.

I am not a huge fan of the fake crocodile case it is in. To me it is just ugly and tacky.

Inside is a different story!! Gorgeous!!
This palette comes with 8 lip colors, 12 eye shadows, 1 blush, 1 bronzer  and 2 eyeliners.

I am LOVING the bottom left color in the corner! It is this amazing!So pretty!!!

I have used this palette quite a few times already.
I have only done VERY neutral looks using the pink, the burgundy and the black.
All of these colors have a ton of sparkle in them!!
 So far I really like the bright pink blush.
I can only use it really light though because my skin tone.
Overall I really like this palette. I
t is a bit tame for my taste but it works for quick neutral looks.

Now here is where I get excited!!!!
I grabbed two of these pencils because they were CHEAP ( I paid $2.99 each)!!
These pencils are on sale at Lorac now for only $3
I normally use .99 eyeliner so I was curious to see if a name brand
 that normally retails for more would work better.
At this point I think my cheap stuff works just as well BUT the Lorac brown is the
PERFECT shade to match my hair. It looked very light but applied it is a great match.

The black is # 02 and the brown is # 01.
The brown has a reddish tint to it.

This gloss was my 4th color choice because every other color I
wanted was sold out or in someones cart.
I thought it looked like a nice deep red but it isn't.
 It is more of a sheer berry color.
This gloss says it is a lip plumping product but I did not notice any difference.

Ok, this applicator makes me sick.
Seriously it does.
It just feels gross when it is full of gloss. Plus it tickles when you apply.

The color is called "Naughty".I paid $2.99 for this
I do not really care for this at all. I think this will go in my sisters bag!

Full face to show you the lip color.

Here is a full face look done with the Lorac palette.
I used the pink blush, the bottom left lip color, the pink eyeshadow, the burgundy eyeshadow
 and the brown eyeliner on my brows.

I used Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes in Blackest Black on the lashes


I really really like this lip color.
 I am not a huge lip product fan but I am branching out.
I have a tendency to wipe my lips or mess with them.
I think I need to invest in some good lip liners

So my overall opinion is I like Lorac.
They seem to have good quality products.
Would I buy them at full price?
Probably not.
Because I am cheap and there are so many other expensive brands I want to try.

I do think I will stock up on the eyeliner since it is such a match for my brows!!!

Lorac has a sale section that has some really good deals!
Check it out!

Have you tried any Lorac products? Opinions??


  1. Oh my, that mascara means business! Great haul. Love that lip color you're wearing in the last photo!

    Fierce Nerditude

  2. Naughty is such a pretty color. I don't think it's unique though, so I should have no hard time finding a similar color from some brand where I live :)

  3. I think naughty is pretty too... I found it on ebay (boxed and sealed) for like... almost $7- so I think I'm gonna get it soon-ish. :D Christina- Thank you for sharing (cause I totally needed another excuse to buy MORE makeup lol)

  4. I love Lorac!!!! Great review