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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Shiro! Kawaii collection and Intertubes!!

I ordered from Shiro at the beginning of March and my order finally arrived!

I was/am a bit disappointed with the actual turn around
time and the lack of communication regarding my order.
I ordered on March 4th and it was stated that the turn around time was 2 weeks.
My order should have shipped on March 18th, so a few days later on the 21st
I messaged asking if it had been shipped.
I didn't get a response so I messaged again on the 24th.
Finally on the 26th I got a message back saying it shipped and apologizing.
I am a fan on Shiro's facebook page so I knew that Caitlin ,the owner,
 had been dealing with computer issues and was swamped with orders.
This however doesn't excuse the lack of communication in my opinion.
If you are going to run a busy online business than you have to be able to answer emails everyday.
No matter what.
I know life can get insane and that her company is growing quickly
but a little communication goes a LONG way.

Anyhow, my order finally arrived on March 28th.

I spent $22.50 including shipping.
I ordered 5 mini jars and 1 Intertube

The mini jars cost $13.50 for 5
They come in 3 gram jars and contain approx. 1 gram of pigment.
If you buy 5 at a time you save 10%

Intertubes are $6.50 each and come in an array or colors and flavors.

Here is what Shiro says about Intertubes.
"Intertubes are a unique vegan lip product created and produced by Shiro Cosmetics.
They each have the moisturizing properties and consistency of a very nice semigloss balm,
but the intensity and opacity of each unique color varies too
widely for Intertubes as a whole to be described as simply a "tinted balm,
" a "lipstick," or a "stain." Therefore, I've decided it's most accurate to call them "tubes of win"
 and expand upon each color in its individual listing."
Intertubes contain approximately 5.5 grams of product
 (may vary slightly due to hand-pouring)
and are packaged in an attractive oval tube with a waterproof vinyl label.

Everything in the baggies are samples that Caitlin added to my order!
I kept Rattata and potted . The other 3 samples in baggies went into my giveaway drawer.
I also got 3 Intertube samples, 2 of which I already had so
that was a bit disappointing.
Sad Keanu and Leeroy Jenkins
went to my giveaway drawer and I kept Over 9000 for myself.


I picked the Kawaii collection for my 5 mini jars.
I had seen these swatched a while ago on the Shiro fanpage and really liked them.
The listing calls then a Satin Pastel.......swoon!!
These arrived with sifters and seals.
I shook and tapped them but could not get the pigment through the sifter.
I am not sure if it is because this a satin pigment
or because the jars were jam packed.
Is there a trick for removing sifters??
I broke 3 nails before I got my tweezers out and pried the sifter off.
Somehow in the process I must have broken a sliver of the pot off and it was stuck in my finger.

After all that drama the sifters were in the trash and I swatched.

I love these colors. I really wanted to hate everything in this order
because I was pissed about the shipping/communication but I cant.
These colors are exactly what I have been looking for!!
A lot of the time I see a swatch or picture of a color and
 fall in love only to receive it and it not be as awesome in person at all.
Not the case here, these colors are actually more awesome in person!!

I did a quick look using Yatta, Bonzai and Desu


My camera could not catch how great these colors are ,plus it was night so I had to use a flash.
I will do another look and post it with sunlight soon!!

Intertube swatches!
Over 9000 and Sad Keanu were my samples.
I swatched my own sample of Sad Keanu for these pictures.
Robe and Wizard Hat was the Intertube I ordered.
Am I strange for needed blue lipstick?
Maybe, Probably, Yes.
I am weird but that is OK

Color: Mid-toned blue with gold sparks.
Flavor: Blueberry. Wizards love blueberries.
Opacity: May be applied moderately opaque or built up to complete opacity.
Stains: Yes - please keep away from upholstery and small children!

I have a really rad look envisioned to go with these blue lips!!
I applied very heavily for this picture.
If applied lightly the color is fairly streaky and transparent.

Over 9000


Sad Keanu
Color: The type of purple that frightens little kids.
Flavor: Blackberry.
Opacity: May be applied moderately sheer or built up to complete opacity.
Stains: Yes - please keep away from upholstery and small children!
I have a pretty awesome look envisioned for these purple lips too!

Full Shiro face! Leeroy Jenkins is on the lips!

Check out Shiro's fanpage on facebook here -http://www.facebook.com/#!/ShiroCosmetics\

In the end I am happy with my order.
The products are amazing.
The quality of the packaging and the product itself is top notch.
I love it all.
If I had known the turnaround time would be almost a month
 I still would have ordered.
These products are definitely worth the wait.

Will I order again?
Most likely

Have you had a good or bad experience with Shiro?
Let me know!!


  1. For sifters--I like to use a butter knife. I gently pry it between the pot and the sifter on one side and that will pop it up on all sides. No broken nails that way! :)

    Those intertubes look NEAT!

  2. gaaahhhh! now i want the intertubes again, when i had managed to shake the craving off before -.-

    great swatches, and stunning look as per usual :)

  3. A while ago you had posted about pastels and I had suggested the Kawaii collection, but the post disappeared one day. So I am glad you found them, tried them, and love them! I think I'm gonna have to order Over 9000 now... I sure hope it looks as good on me as it does on you!

  4. The Kawaiishadows are so BRIGHT!!! They're like ... neon pastels! Love it!

  5. OMGeee I need the Kawaii collection! I saw them when they first came out and I was like "Oh I want those!" but now I know I NEED THEM. I was never big on pastels, but lately I've been thinking I need more pastel shadows. (I blame Spring ;P) I really want some Intertubes too, Over 9000 is the one I'd get for sure. I love berry shades. :3
    I love Shiro, I've ordered once and had no problems. Caitlyn was as nice as I'd heard, and my order was shipped/arrived very promptly. One of my favorite colors from my order was Rattata, it's such an awesome purple! So glad you're getting to try it! :)
    Thanks for sharing your photos!!

  6. With the sifters I get a nail under each side and then sort of bend them together (so I'm not pulling it straight upwards...cause I break nails like that :P) it loosens it up a bit then it is easier to pull it up from just one side.

    She never used to use sifters in the mini jars :( I hate sifters they are just plain annoying :P

  7. /swoon.

    I must have Yatta and Leeroy Jenkins!