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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics - Take Two

Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics is gearing up for their grand opening!
I have already reviewed some of the pigments from this company which you can view here.
Racheal, the owner and pigment maker was kind enough to send me some more samples to try out.
I received my samples in baggies which were neatly inside an adorable package.
I went ahead and repotted them of course.
Masquerade, La Fontaine, Von Fersen, Damask
These pigments are smooth! I LOVE the texture of them. 
They are smoother than any pigment I have ever tried. 
They blend VERY EASILY!
Damask is my new favorite color. It is amazing!

I had a chance to talk with Racheal and ask her a few questions .
She has a tentative grand opening date of June 1st on Etsy.
There is a presale going on over on ARC's fanpage on Facebook.
 You can check it out here.
I am very excited about this company.
Racheal has taken her time and researched every aspect of making pigments and running a business.
I am extremely impressed with her dedication and commitment.
This is what Racheal had to say:
We're very passionate about doing this the right way. We research the bejeesus out of everything! We don't use straight lake dyes, we use carmine sparingly, we triple check to make sure everything is eye and lip safe. Everything is washed, disinfected, and sterilized; we use gloves and face masks; every pigment recipe is written down as it is formulated so we can accurately make identical batches; we work in clean rooms; everything is legit. We take pride in our brand, in our name and reputation.

Once open pricing will be around 
 $1 for 1g sample bags , $5 for a 5g pot, with constant deals of 5 for $20. 

I did two looks for you all!
 I used all 4 of the colors.
Tear duct and highlight is La Fontaine, on the lid is Masquerade, crease is Von Fersen
and above the crease is Danmask
I feel like the colors sort of muddled together in this look. 
I tend to get too excited and try to use more colors at once than I should.
I think this came out pretty but you really do not get the true color and beauty of each individual color.

So I did another look tonight!
I was HIGHLY impressed with the La Fontaine and Damask so I did a look with just those two.

I really think this company is going to be a huge success!
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