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Monday, February 28, 2011

Ulta Haul - Part 2

You can expect a part 3 and probably a 4. 
I have decided I will do a giveaway with the eye shadow palettes and a liner or two =0)
Today I tried out the lip gloss, lipstick and the Ulta Precision Liquid Liner.
The lip gloss and lipstick both came in my free gift bag. Which I think Ulta is out of.
Sad Face!!!

I can't find the double ended lip gloss on Ulta's website to link you.
It is Cosmo on one end and Charmed on the other.
It went on pretty smooth. The lighter pink (Charmed) is hard to get out of the tube. 
The wand stays pretty dry. This gloss is still too sticky for my liking but not as sticky as e.l.f tube glosses.
I like the colors a lot because I normally use sheer light colors on my lips.

Let me start off by saying this is my first tube of lipstick in over 5 years. I am just not a lip color person. I feel like I look weird in lip color. I want to try and live outside of my comfort zone so I decided to keep this and try it out.

I was very pleasantly surprised at how sheer the color was on. I like it! It goes on smooth and isn't very waxy at all. This retails at Ulta for $8. It was rated 4 out of 5. Not bad!!
Because I have no lipstick experience I cant say how this stands up to other brands but I do think I will purchase a red and a nude in the future.

I paid $8 for Carbon Black but on the website it listed for $9
This eyeliner currently has no ratings.
Upon opening this eyeliner I was surprised. I did not know it was going to be an eyeliner pen. I thought it was a typical tube with a brush.  As you have heard about a million times, I am having issues with my liquid liner not looking smooth. I took one look at this and wasn't happy. I have even worse luck with pens. They seem to dry out quickly and I just suck at applying them. This one is different! This one is FILLED with eyeliner . I cant imagine it drying out. I applied it and was pleased. It came out pretty smooth and went over my pigment well. Other pens have dried out even more when I have tried to apply them over pigment.

UPDATE:  This eyeliner pen is already showing signs of being dry! grr!! I am now storing it tip down at an angle . I will let you know what happens.
Check out that smooth line!!! Yeah Baby!!! 
I will continue to use this eyeliner and most likely purchase it again!

This brings us to my EOTD.
 Princess, Plaid is Rad, Blow and Sour all by Virus Insanity
Plaid is Rad in the duct area, Princess blended into Sour. Blow as a highlight and blended over the whole eyelid to soften the colors.

I have decided to change things up here a bit. Hopefully this will make things more fun for you followers and more exciting for me!

Tuesdays have now been dubbed Super Duper Tuesdays! I will be duping a look every Tuesday! Do you have a look you want me to dupe? Let me know!!

I will also try to do one tutorial a week from now on!

The changes should be fun!! 
I have been battling horrible migraines that are affecting my vision and causing my writing skills issues so I am praying they get better so I can play with my makeup more and be able to write without typos and actually make sense!!!!

Coming up this week
I will be reviewing my Sugarpill palette
More sneak peaks of Antoinette's Revolution Cosmetics
Scaredy Cat review and swatches
A duped look
A tutorial
A Madd Style Giveaway

So make sure you stay tuned!!!


  1. OMG! I want that eyeliner pen! I love the EOTD too :)

  2. It is really cool!! I am liking it!! I am off to look through your blog for my dupe tomorrow!!

  3. I just found your blog and fell in love with your looks!!

    I've got a ton of pigments I hardly use and you have inspired me to use them now!!!
    Thank you.

    I <3 eyeliner pens.
    I've been using the ELF ones for awhile.
    There really good.
    And inexpensive.
    Which is always a plus!!

    Have a great weekend!!